Friday, August 31, 2012

Code Pinko Infiltrates Romney Speech, Gets Confronted By Dana Loesch....Will Media Pay Attention To Their Links To Obama?

As they did with Paul Ryan's speech, a couple of members of the military hating, terrorist enablers called Code Pinko infiltrated the floor of the RNC convention last night during Mitt Romney's speech.

For most of the week, they've been content to make spectacles of themselves, dressing up as giant vaginas to push the whole reproductive rights meme. Regardless of the fact that it's probably been decades since any of those ugly skanks had to worry about using contraception....ever.

Dana Loesch, an editor with, confronted the Stinko Pinko (BreitbartTV).

As Loesch pointed out, Code Pinko has made a habit of interrupting speeches of Republicans and also AIPAC, but doesn't interrupt or question Richard Milhous Obama.

Why? Because there are links between Code Stink and Obama, as well as other Democrats.

In early 2008, Kristinn Taylor discovered that the co-founder of the group, Jodie Evans, was a donations bundler for the Obama 2008 Campaign. She has used donations to meet with Obama at high-priced fundraisers to advocate for terrorist enemies of America.

When White House visitor logs were released, her name appeared on them.

In 2010, it was revealed that California Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer, along with Democrat Reps. Raul Grijalva and Henry "Nostrilitus" Waxman, helped Code Pinko get $600,000 in aid to the terrorist insurgency in Iraq in late 2004, as the terrorists were fighting US Marines during the bloody Battle of Fallujah.

In June 2011, after Code Pinko's Rae Abileah interrupted Israeil Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyanhu's speech to Congress, California Democrat Rep. Lynn Woolsey (a longtime supporter of the anti-American Pinkos) chanted anti-Israeli slogans with Abileah and said the interruption of Netanyahu's speech "made her proud."

The question is, when will some enterprising reporter in the White House ask the Regime about their links to these anti-US activists, and also if the President condemns such activity, especially when he lectures the nation about "civility."

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John Holliday said...

These are the kinds of stories that a real press corp would be salivating about breaking. But they don't, so they're just propagandists. Now it's up to the real media like Breitbart and conservative bloggers to keep these stories front and center.