Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chew On This Libs! Chick-fil-A's Across America (& In Northern VA) Overflow With Supporters

This is what freedom tastes like....

At lunch today, I, along with millions of other Americans, took part in Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, as a way to show support to the franchise and their owners, who have come under attack simply because they are Bible-believing Christians and don't agree with homosexual marriage.

The nearest one, on the town border of Reston and Herndon, VA (not entirely a conservative area), was packed when I went, and this was at around 1 pm today.

As I drove up, there was a back up even getting into the parking lot.

Getting into the parking lot, I saw there were people backed up outside the door.

And even at the other entrance, it was also packed.

Around the web:

Looks like Rahmbo "Dead Fish" Emanuael was proven wrong, as Chicagoans crowded Chick-fil-A.

American Power captures the scene at the one in Irvine, CA, and it was crowded as well.

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you're a hero!