Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Overflow Crowd At Romney Ryan Rally In Mooresville, NC

Thanks to Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin, for the link!

Been looking at this on Twitter from friends Sister Toldjah and Bruce at Gay Patriot who are in the Charlotte NC area and went to the Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan rally today in nearby Mooresville.

It appears it is a repeat of the scene I saw yesterday afternoon in Manassas, VA. There was an overflow crowd and they weren't able to get in. Here's some of the pictures they took, and others in the event via Twitchy.

Photos via GayPatriot:

Photo by Sister Toldjah:

Photo by Kevin Madden, via Twitchy

Word from our correspondents there is that Romney and Ryan will also speak to the crowd outside who couldn't get in.

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Warren Greenlee said...

Incredible turnout for this. We got tickets for my parent and children a few days ago. The event started at 9:30 am so we decided to go early to get up close. We barely got in the event even though we arrived over an hour early.