Thursday, July 05, 2012

Texas A&M Aggies Block Soldier's Funeral From Westboro Goons With "Maroon Wall"

Since the John Roberts led Supreme Court thinks assaulting the greiving families of soldiers at a funeral is "free speech," it has been up to groups of individuals to do what cowards in black robes refused to do....protect the right of the families to grieve in peace.

Such a case happened the Bryan/College Station, TX area, where Texas AandM University resides (text and photos from Buzz Feed, hat tip to Sister of MIM).

On June 28, Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale, a Texas AandM alum, was killed during a training exercise at Fort Bragg by another solder who then shot himself. The Westboro Baptist Church, known for protesting soldier's funerals with anti-gay messages, posted plans to show up at Tisdale's funeral on their website.

A fellow "Aggie", Ryan Slezia, came up with a plan to create a human wall to block any protesters from getting near the funeral, and invited fellow Texas A&M students and alum to join. One participant tweeted that over 650 people showed up in maroon shirts to create a "maroon wall". It appears that the Westboro protestors never showed up.

As anyone who lives or is originally from Texas knows, you don't mess with Texas Aggies.  So here's a big "Gig 'em" and "Whooop!" to all those who showed up to defend the family of Lt. Col. Tisdale from these scumbags who have the audacity to call themselves a "church."

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AggieMom2015 said...

Thank you Jesus! I know it's by the grace of God I'm an Aggie Mom. Whoop!