Sunday, July 22, 2012

SICK! PETA Supporter Sarah Silverman Humps Small Dog In Video Asking GOP Donor To Give Money To Obama

Many thanks to Legal Insurrection for the link, as well as Blog of the Day honors!

Viewer discretion is advised. Definitely not safe for work (NSFW). From Breitbart.TV.

The video may be funny to some, but the website and the campaign launched against casino owner Sheldon Adelson is a blatant intimidation tactic against a major Republican donor. And the advertisement and website is paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, a federal Super PAC that relies on private funding just like the funding Adelson has pledged on behalf of Mitt Romney. Mr. Adelson was a donor cited in President Obama's "enemies list" put forth by his campaign highlighting major donors to Republican causes.

Here's the kicker...while Silverman engages in animal cruelty in this video, she once fired off a letter on behalf of the vile, sex-fiends at PETA (the phony animal rights group) to the US Secretary of Agriculture, complaining about the Ringling Bros. circus, asking the government to seize their circus elephants.

Of course, neither PETA not Silverman complained about Obama once eating a dog.

Will anyone in the White House Press Corps ask the Obama Regime and campaign if they distance themselves from this kind of garbage, or is this another example of The Chicago Way?

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Rod said...

Has the MSMever raised a serious question of any Dem? EVER/!