Saturday, July 14, 2012

Protesters Welcome Obama To Centreville, VA High School Appearance Today

Richard Milhous Obama received a welcome he didn't want from a couple hundred protesters outside Centreville High School in Clifton, VA this afternoon, as he was arriving to speak to "grassroots" supporters at the Farifax County public school.

This was the scene as his motorcade arrived at the school.

Virginia has become one of many battleground states in November's election. In 2008, the state went into the Democrat column for the first time since the 1964 re-election of the putrid Lyndon Baines Johnson. So the intensity of both sides was evident at several times during the rally.

Both sides chanted back and forth at each other.

One of my Freeper Friends even walked by the Obamabots with his sign, and got the following reactions:

Earlier, a couple of Obama volunteers got a lecture on why Obamacare is not a good idea.

Some of the signs from the protesters: OMG stands for "Obama Must Go."

The Romney Campaign Bus showed up as well, with several campaign volunteers.

The Obamabots waited in a stretching line outside the school, waiting to get in.

Teacher's Unions support Obama...No Wonder Johnny Can't Read, or serious education reform is attempted.

There was even this sign for the Obama line. White tickets...doesn't it appear RAAAAACIST? friends:

Some neighborhood kids even took the opportunity to practice some capitalism. Dear Leader won't like this.

UPDATES: Robert Stacy McCain and co-blogger Smitty were there, and filed this report (and linked back here as well - thanks!), with more photos and interviews with some of the attendees of today's rally, as well as GOP elected officials Tim Hugo, Barbara Comstock, and Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity.


Tania said...

Great coverage of the counter rally :) Good to see Free Republic out there as well.

Anonymous said...

That "lecture" on healthcare was, well, confusing!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure these protests left Obama stunned, I'm sure he's never seen such a thing directed at him before!

Red said...

Wow, 'Obamabots' is an accurate description. What is wrong with these people? Did they all leave their brains at home?

Lovettsville Lady said...

I counted 20 vehicles and 2 motorcycles in Obama's motorcade. Is all that really necessary? When did he become King?

Great photos.

ragdollpirate said...

I just want to know how a shirt of Regan is racist? Isn't it racist to not like someone based on the color of their skin; so wouldn't that make the person saying it is racist to wear a Regan shirt a racist? Sorry being raised where I was that is all anyone ever screams "That's racist" over every little thing so annoying because the person who is screaming that is truly the racist.

Anonymous said...

Thank you protesters for representing those of us who do not worship Obama.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I really liked the video and pictures! Every town BO visits should do this! I'm in! Feel sorry for the Obamabots - they are such fools!Hope and pray that BO is NOT re-elected. God Bless America!!!