Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Occupy Squatters Hit Philadelphia For "General Assembly"....26 Arrested

The squatters known as "Occupy" have hit the City of Brotherly Love for their "General Assembly." Twenty six of the squatters were arrested outside the convention center on Sunday for "disorderly conduct." (Philly.com).
The 20 men and six women were charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic during the protest on the 1200 block of Race Street, police said.

A video link provided by Occupy Philadelphia showed bicycle police officers corralling the demonstrators before arresting them in an orderly fashion.

Protesters affiliated with the Occupy movement have converged on Philadelphia from different parts of the country for what is billed as the group's first National Gathering, a 5-day event based at Independence Mall that is timed to coincide with the Fourth of July.

Those arrested were to be released after being processed at Police Headquarters, at 8th and Race Streets.

I'm sure they were released with no problem and a lot of help from their friends in the communist affiliated National Lawyers Guild.

My good friend Tania Gail from Midnight Blue went down and took photos of the unwashed mass who had gathered and wrote the following.

Philadelphia was chosen to be the site of a national conference (General Assembly). What the city has been enduring a tattered band of roving fringe activists trying to annoy as many Philadelphia residents and visitors as possible. Organizing marches during rush hour traffic in the city endears you to exactly NO ONE.

...On Sunday, I paid a visit to Independence Mall and met up with a small band of Occupation supporters. As in the past, I found scattered and incoherent messaging. It was interesting to note the group seemed filled with far more middle aged participants than last year with the overwhelming majority being Caucasian.

But I won't hold my breath for MSNBC or the lapdog media to point out that lack of diversity, as they're so quick to do in regards to Tea Parties.

Here's some of the photos she took, as found in her Flickr account. She promises video soon to come.

Sitting on a police department memorial....keep it classy, Occupy!

Have no idea what they're trying to say, but they're planning to protest their Democrat masters in Charlotte, NC.

Defiling Old Glory....typical of the Left

Young communist and freaky-haired dude in the background wait in the food line

Isn't that what usually happens at an Occupy protest and squatter camp?

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Tania said...

They bill themselves as mainstream America, but the one look and you know they are fully entrenched in the fringe.

It is not irony to note a beret sporting communist supporter I encountered was patiently waiting in a soup kitchen line - it is a foregone conclusion.

The videos are of a open mike speech by Chris Hedges -stay tuned for Pulitzer prize level of bullhockey.