Friday, July 27, 2012

Obama's DREAM Act Executive Order Allowed Illegal Who Assualted An ICE Agent To Be Released

Because of election year politics and pandering to the radical illegal alien lobby, Richard Milhous Obama, through his unconstitutional executive order, has ensured our borders are wide open and anyone who commits a crime can be released.

The Washington Examiner has details of a press conference, held by Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, that you probably didn't hear about.

The press conference revealed that the DREAMer policy, under Department of Homeland Security and ICE was nothing more than a get out of jail free card. Two members that represent thousands of agents, Chris Crane, the president of the National Immigration and Customs Council who represents 7,200 ICE agents and George McCubbin, president of the National Border Patrol Council who represents 17,000 agents described a lawless agency.

One example used focused on last week’s El Paso, Texas incident where an illegal alien was arrested after he physically assaulted a family member, tried to keep that person from calling police and was subsequently arrested by an ICE agent who was then assaulted by the illegal alien himself before trying to flee arresting officers. Under the new DREAM Act, this man was released without charge because he was under 30 and said he went to high school in the U.S.

McCubbin and Crane further illustrate that agents do not need any proof that illegal aliens went to high school or received a GED- their word is good enough under President Obama’s new DREAMer policy.

Agents are said to be furious at the prosecutorial discretion policy.

However, the Latino community couldn’t be happier with the President’s new amnesty program and some said it would get him votes in the upcoming 2012 election.

To show how insecure our borders are (h/t Laura Ingraham), a 30 year old citizen of El Salvador named Salvador Portillo Savaria was sentenced earlier this year for raping an 8 year old Centreville, VA girl. He was also just sentenced for re-entering the U.S. illegally. That's right! This child rapist and MS13 gang member had been deported once before back in 2003 but re-enter the country.

All for the sake of Obama and the Democrats pandering for votes.

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