Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Liberal Racist Flips Off Rep. Allen West, Calls Him "Bought M-F'er" Also Flips Off Hispanic Blogger

There's something about conservative minorities, women, and gays that brings out the bigotry in the supposed tolerant and civil Left.

Like today in Delray Beach, Florida, where a white liberal racist verbally attacked black conservative Rep. Allen West (Javier Manjarres - The Shark Tank).

After finishing his recitation of the Declaration of Independence during the city of Delray Beach, Florida’s Independence Day festivities, Congressman Allen verbally acosted in front of a small group of constituents and media. West was just about to speak with a local TV station, when he was interrupted by the lone detractor that seemed to have had one to many Miller Lites.

The individual flipped West the bird, and told him that he was ” bought Mother F*cker.” We stopped the guy and asked him why he had to use foul language in front of women and children.

Here's the video Javier took of the incident.

Note too, that while Javier tried to talk with the guy, the lib flipped him off as well.

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