Thursday, July 12, 2012

Condi Rice Is An Admirable Person, But Wrong Choice For Romney As Running Mate UPDATE: Romney Camp Denies Rumor

Via the Drudge Report, who has close links to the Romney camp, word has come out tonight that Mitt Romney is narrowing his choices as Vice Presidential candidate and that Condoleezza Rice, former G.W. Bush Secretary of State, is the front runner.

I think Condoleezza Rice is an admirable person who has achieved a great deal in her life, but (let me emphasize) she would be the wrong choice for Romney to pick as his running mate.

Why? First and foremost, Rice would take the focus of the 2012 election of the abysmal failure of the Obama Regime, and would use George W. Bush to run against in 2012, in order to distract from his failed Presidency. Mark Levin pointed that out just a few minutes ago on his radio show. The Bush Years, in addition to the attacks on Bain Capitol, would be used as distractions.

Second of all, Romney needs to seal the deal with conservatives who, while they're offering begrudging support just to get rid of Obama, would be unenthused by several of Rice's non-conservative views.

Here's some examples, according to On The Issues. Rice has called herself "mildly pro-choice" (an oxymoronic view), is for same sex civil unions, thinks "climate change" needs to be addressed and supports investments in renewable energy, Rice also believes in "comprehensive immigration reform" (read: amnesty).

Rice has also given some pretty questionable statements in regards to the Middle East, like this from 2007 (Hot Air).

I know what its like to hear that you can’t use a certain road or pass through a checkpoint because you are a Palestinian. I know what it is like to feel discriminated against and powerless,” Rice told a closed meeting of Arab and Israeli representatives, according to the Dutch representative at the summit, Franz Timmermans.

“Like Israelis, I understand what it’s like to go to sleep not knowing if you will be hurt in an explosion, the feeling of terror walking around your own neighborhood, or walking to your house of prayer,” Timmermans quoted Rice as saying, the Washington Post reported

She was also quoted as saying in 2006:

"The Palestinian people deserve a better life ... free of the humiliation of occupation,"

She even tried to link the rise of the so-called "Arab Spring" to the Bush freedom agenda.

“The demise of repressive governments in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere during this year’s “Arab spring,” she says, stemmed in part from Bush’s “freedom agenda,” which promoted democracy in the Middle East. “The change in the conversation about the Middle East, where people now routinely talk about democratization is something that I’m very grateful for and I think we had a role in that. It would be a mistake to make the leap of faith that this [Arab Spring] would somehow have worked in Iraq,” she says in her first newspaper interview about her memoir, No Higher Honor.

And what has this led to, Condi? The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and a further intimidation of our closest ally in the region, Israel.

Rice even expressed tearful congratulations on Obama's election, even making some speculate she'd voted for him.

Let's just hope this announement is a trial balloon by the Romney camp through their ally Matt Drudge. Rice would only hurt Romney, ensuring an Obama victory and sealing the downfall of the United States. Romney would show himself as many of us in the primaries feared, as a McCain 2.0.

UPDATE: Contrary to Drudge's article, Erick Erickson just posted the following on Twitter:

So, was this a trial balloon that was quickly shot down?

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