Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chicago & Boston Mayors Are Offended By Christian Values of Chick-fil-A, But Tolerant Of Islam

In my post last night about the attacks by liberals and the gay gestapo on Chick-fil-A, I wrote:

I mean, seriously, look at the hostility one will get if they claim they are a Christian and believe in the idea of traditional marriage. You won't get the "tolerance" liberals claim to have a monopoly of, since they are intolerant of any form of organized religion (except Islam, of course, never mind Islam mandates outright intolerance and death towards gays) because the idea of a Higher Being conflicts with the concept of Statism, where there can be no higher authority than The State.

Well, lookee here (A Time For Choosing):

Democrats are congenital hypocrites, so it should be no surprise that while Chicago Mayor, and all around thug, Rahm Emanuel is trashing Chick-fil-A as “not having Chicago values” because the company’s president isn’t keen on gay marriage, he’s fine with radical Islam, which has a zero tolerance policy towards homosexuals. And by zero tolerance, I mean they put them to death. That’s a tad more harsh than being against gay marriage, wouldn’t you say?

Boston’s Mayor who as BreitbartTV reports just “banned” Chick-fil-A in his city, is also down with anti-gay radical Islam, and has put his money, or should I say the city’s money, where his mouth is, giving the anti-gay group one hell of a deal on city owned property so they can build a gay hating mosque.

BizPac Review’s Michele Kirk reports:

In an article posted today in the online publication Legal Insurrection, Nation of Islam can open a restaurant in Chicago, but not Chick-fil-A? , author William A. Jacobson reveals the hypocrisy and dangerous precedent it sets to condemn private businesses for the religious philosophies of the owners or the staff.

Jacobson points out that Chicago’s, Rahm Emanuel is supporting the call to block Chick-fil-A in Chicago, yet the city recently allowed Louis Farrakan, of the Nation of Islam, to re-open a restaurant there.

He also shows that the same mayor leading the charge against Chick-fil-A in Boston, Mayor Thomas M. Menino, allegedly has a double standard when it comes to the “homophobic” argument.

Jacobson includes the following excerpt from Michael Graham (h/t DaTechGuy) Mayor Menino Donated Tax Dollars To “Homophobic” Group In Boston!:

This is the Islamic Society of Boston’s mosque in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, a.k.a. “Menino’s Mosque.”

Mayor Menino “sold” $2 million worth of city property to the ISB for $175,000,despite their well-documented links to Muslim extremism. The mosque teaches a form of Islam that condemns homosexuals to death.

And Menino won’t let a guy spend his own money opening a restaurant because he doesn’t support same-sex marriage? Hey, Mayor Moron—when we the last time Chick-Fil-A stoned a gay guy to death?

Add to that how Louis Farrakhan is a raging anti-Semite as well:

and he hates Whitey as well:

Reminds us of Obama's Racist Reverend Wright, doesn't it?

It's the Chicago Way!

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