Sunday, July 01, 2012

ABC This Week Calls Obamacare "Ted Kennedy's Legacy," Never Mind The End Result Will Be His Real Legacy...Leaving the Helpless Behind

After Nancy Bella-Pelosi's exuhmation of the bloated, drunk driving Senator Ted Kennedy on Thursday, it was almost predicatable that Democrat party hack "Curious" George Steponallofus brought on the widow of the former Senator of Massachusetts (Politico).

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Vicki Kennedy said her late husband believed “decent quality affordable health care should be a fundamental right and not a privilege." Now that the health care law has been upheld by the Supreme Court, she said, “all three branches of our federal government have affirmed that right.”

Now it’s time to finish putting the law into practice and for the country to move on, she said.

“I think if Teddy were here, he would tell us now it’s time to roll up our sleeves, get to work, fully implement the law and move on with the business of our country,” she said.

MoveOn, huh? Kinda like Ted moved on when Mary Jo was drowning that night in 1969 off Chappaquiddick Island.

So, apare the the talk about "moral rights" and health care being "only for the priviledged." if liberal ABC and Vicki Kennedy want to promote government run healthcare as Teddy's legacy, then it is in many ways equal to his real legacy - an amoral individual who killed somewhile while drunk driving, walked away and got off scot free, becase he was a person of priviledge.

And no, I'm not moving on. Obamacare needs to be repealed and sent to meet its maker...before more Americans are left behind because they've bee condemned by death panels.

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