Monday, July 30, 2012

A "No So Subtle" Bumpersticker Against Obama By Iraq War Vet

Saw this in a parking lot this afternoon in Reston/Herndon, VA, on a camper that belongs to an Iraq campaign veteran.

Took the close up below, and didn't notice until I looked at it later that some Obamabot must have taken a marker to the back of this vet's window.

I guess these stickers give creedence to the poll that most military members support Mitt Romney. Hey, after all, Obama wants to make veterans and soldiers pay for their healthcare.

I also saw this over the weekend while driving up Route 7 near Sterling, VA. Wasn't close up when I had the iPhone ready, but the sign on the back of this SUV says "NOBAMA."

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Anonymous said...

I live off 28 and have been struck by the relative lack of Obama 2012 stickers. Have you seen the same? I have not seen many Romney stickers either but I still see more Obama 08 ones than anything 2012.