Friday, June 01, 2012

Update To Post On Obama's Me-Me-Me Memorial Day Speech At Vietnam War Memorial Wall

As an added note to the post last night about veterans, their families and friends being turned away from the Vietnam War Memorial Wall and Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day due to President "Gutsy Call," I came upon the following image from that day via Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive (via This Ain't Hell).

The official White House photo of the day for Memorial Day was A. a tasteful shot of Arlington Cemetery B. A pic of a Gold Star Mom at her son's grave C. An image of an inverted rifle and empty boots signifying the death of a soldier.


The answer and an F- for the Campaigner in Chief was:

 A picture of the Campaigner in Chief reflected in the Vietnam Memorial with a halo around his noble warrior, gutsy-call-making head.

Not only that, Jonn at This Ain't Hell also looked through the White House photos of the day and found this one from May 23.

It looks like the Air Force academy cadets are cheering their favorite president rather than just engaging in a centuries old tradition of tossing their caps in the air after they graduate, doesn’t it?

I swear, Obama's narciscissm knows no bounds.

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Quite Rightly said...

An administration for whom nothing is sacred. Unfathomable.