Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SAM DONALDSON LIED: Press DID Interrupt Reagan

Former White House correspondent for ABC Sam Donaldson said this the other day about Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro interrupting Duh Won (Washington ComPost).

Donaldson said he was in an airport waiting lounge when he caught Munro’s confrontation with Obama on a TV there.

He didn’t approve.

“I never interrupted any president while he was making a formal presentation of any sort. You don’t do that, do you?” said Donaldson, who titled his 1987 memoir “Hold On, Mr. President!”

You might not have done it (at least we haven't found the video yet), but the press corps, at least five of them did interrupt President Ronald Reagan and here's the video found by Sean Hannity (h/t Gateway Pundit).

So Sam, why don't you tell the media to quit being bootlickers for Obama and do their jobs of being journalists?

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