Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Phony Indian (& Democrat Senate Candidate) Elizabeth Warren Attacks Blogger

What does a liberal do they they have been exposed as a fraud? Right, they attack the messenger.

That's what's going on in Massachusetts, with Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat candidate who is running against Scott Brown. Remember her? She claimed she wanted to go after the "hick vote" in Massachusetts. Recently, it was revealed she claimed part Cherokee indian hertiage, and had used that to be considered a "minority law professor" at Harvard.

But it was false, and now she's attacking (by not mentioning by name) Prof. William Jacobson, founder of the Legal Insurrection blog.

As you know, Elizabeth Warren has been caught in a series of at best misleading and at worst false responses since The Boston Herald first broke the story in late April that Harvard Law promoted her as Native American in the mid-to-late 1990s.

First she played dumb and said she didn’t know why. But over the course of several weeks digging by bloggers and newspapers punctured Warren’s story, and revealed or forced Warren to admit she listed herself as Native American to get on a list of “Minority Law Teachers” in the mid-1980s to mid-1990s, that she informed both Penn Law and Harvard Law that she was Native American for federal reporting purposes, and that she was on a list at Harvard during her “visiting year” of “Women of Color in Legal Academia.”

Genealogical tracing of Warren’s alleged Cherokee ancestry by a group of Cherokees led by Twila Barnes has shown that Warren has no Cherokee heritage. The documentation and research has been posted for all to see. Anger at Warren extends beyond Cherokees.

Yet Warren persists in the claim to this day, raising bizarre defenses such as her Aunt Bea told her her ancestors had high cheekbones “like all the Indians” and that her parents supposedly had to elope because her mother was 1/16 Native American.

....Rather than meet with the Cherokee women and prove her heritage or apologize, Warren’s response has been to create a shiny object for the press to focus on, a ”right wing extremist“:

Warren’s camp responded late today with this statement: “The people of Massachusetts are concerned about their jobs, the future for their kids, and the security of their retirement. Scott Brown would rather talk about anything else. The out-of-state group in question is being promoted and supported by a right wing extremist who is on the record supporting and contributing money to Scott Brown. It is past time we moved on to the important issues facing middle class families in Massachusetts – even if Scott Brown won’t.”

The Warren statement does not identify the “right wing extremist,” but her campaign has been feeding my name to dutiful scriveners at places such as CBS Boston, who use old information from the Brown-Coakley race:

Sorry Professor Warren, you created the problem and you own it. No one else.

You could have put this issue to rest early on, but you and you alone chose a campaign of deception and hiding, in the hope it would go away. Now you hope to distract from your own failings with yet another diversion.

Democrats in Massachusetts recently had the option of picking another person to run against Brown, but stuck by Warren. So, not only is it her problem, the Democrat Party of Massachusetts owns this as well for standing by her.

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