Thursday, June 28, 2012

O'Reilly: Dems & Obama To Brian Terry's Family "Blank You, We're Not Going To Tell You" How Terry Was Killed

Bill O'Reilly called in from vacation to his Fox News evening show to talk with guest host Laura Ingraham about Obamacare and the House finding Eric Holder in contempt of Congress (starts at 6:00 in video link below).

"What this is all about is the Democratic Party walking out on the family of the Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, who was killed. That's what this is all about. Nancy Pelosi and her acolytes...they walked out on this family. This family has a right to know how their son was killed, who ordered the program, when the attorney general and the president knew about the program and what the attorney general did after he knew. We have a right, but more importantly the Terry family has a right as Americans to know how their son was killed. And the Democratic Party and the president of the United States says to the Terry family blank you, we’re not going to tell you."

He concluded, “This decision by the Supreme Court heightens the power of the federal government — they take over the health care industry, period. The walkout of the Democrats and the executive privilege invoked by the president says to the Terry family and every other American we are not accountable to you … It’s outrageous but people have got to figure it out and they got to go to the polls in November and they have to decide what kind of country they want, period.”

To show how much disregard Pelosi had for Brian Terry and his family, she fumbled while searching for his name. While she turned her back on a law enforcement officer whose blood is on Eric Holder's hands, Pelosi that walking disgrace used the Obamacare ruling to remember that drunk-driving murderer named Ted Kennedy.

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