Tuesday, June 12, 2012

#NEWTONE Joy Behar Wants Mitt Romney House To Burn So The "Mormon Fire Patrol" Can Come Out

Algore's new employee, the unhinged Joy Behar shows just how well she'll fit into his looney liberal network. Not only is she a stark raving mad lunatic, she's proving to be a religious bigot as well (Newsbusters).

During an interview with the liberal website Mediaite, Behar added, "It would be kind of cool - the Mormon fire patrol" (video follows with transcript and commentary, relevant section begins at minute 6:30):

...MEDIAITE: I saw that you used to be a school teacher. What did you think about what he said about “teachers, firemen, and police?”

BEHAR: What did he say? Tell me what he said.

MEDIAITE: He was making fun of the President for wanting to hire more policemen and firemen and teachers saying, you know, “Didn’t he get the message of Wisconsin that we want less government?”

BEHAR: Oh, less government? That is an idiotic statement. Can I just say that?


BEHAR: I mean, I’d like to see his house burn, one of his millions of houses burning down. It would be kind of cool - the Mormon fire patrol.

MEDIAITE: Is that a thing?

BEHAR: You know what I mean? Come on. What am I supposed to do if my apartment gets caught on fire? Am I gonna call Mitt Romney to come and put it out? See what I mean?

You know, what about all this civility and talk of a new tone liberals keep lecturing us about? Especially when they're the ones who act and speak in an uncivil manner.

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Ken & Carol said...

I think Ms Behar is being as civil as she can.