Thursday, June 07, 2012

"Michelle Doesn't Go All The Way Down" Obama Insults His Wife With Crude Joke (VIDEO)

From the LA Times, with video below so you can see the delivery of the Fundraiser in Chief.

At a similar event Wednesday night in Beverly Hills, nearly a month after the president embraced gay marriage, there was no heckling. Instead, 600 supporters at the LGBT Leadership Council event rose to their feet as one, chanting, "Four more years!"

L.A.'s gay community turned out in force to celebrate the man who has been dubbed the nation's "first gay president."

The event at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel was part of a two-day fundraising swing through California and Nevada during which Obama was expected to raise more than $15 million for his reelection effort. He started the day in San Francisco and ended with a $25,000-per-person dinner for 70 at the Beverly Hills home of "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy.

...Before launching into his serious remarks, the president seemed briefly caught off-stride when the audience interpreted as off-color a joke he made about a push-up competition between DeGeneres and his wife, initiated by the talk show host in February.

DeGeneres, Obama said, is "a great friend who accepts a little bit of teasing about Michelle beating her in push-ups. I think she claims Michelle didn't go all the way down."

The audience began to chuckle and then erupt in bawdy laughter. Obama kept a straight face. "That's what I heard," he added. "I just want to set the record straight. Michelle outdoes me in push-ups as well. You shouldn't feel bad."

Seriously, for the President of the United States to make a crude late-night comedy act joke is beneath the office, as well as an insult to the woman he married. And yes, I even thought Laura Bush's jokes at the White House Correspondent's Dinner one year were beneath her and her title as First Lady.

And these are the people who claim there's a "War on Women"? Seriously, Obama doesn't give a damn about women, or even gays for that matter. All he cares about is himself, and doing whatever he can for another vote or big check for his campaign.

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