Thursday, June 28, 2012

Liberal Racism & Sexism On Display - Clarence Thomas A "House Nigga" "Uncle Tom," Sarah Palin Attacked With Death Threats

The Democrap Party, with people like Patrick Gaspard, calling people "bitches" and "motherf**kers" have set the vile tone for the liberal football spiking today (The Blaze).

Liberals on twitter have been attacking conservative women and minorities with some of the most vile racist and sexist comments that would create an avalanche of outrage had it been done by conservatives.

I noticed these comments directed towards Tea Party activist Amy Kremer.

Via Twichy, Sarah Palin received sexist attacks on her, daughter Bristol, and her son Trig was mocked as a "retard."

She also received death threats.

Twichy also has some of the tweets directed at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, being called an "Uncle Tom," "slave," "field nigga" and "house nigga."

Not once when he spoke today, did the Socialist Richard Milhous Obama lecture his party or supporters about the lack of civility they've shown today, in contrast to how he spoke at the Together We Thrive event in Tucson, AZ in January 2011.

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