Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#JustABlogger Sooper Mexican Exposes "Real Reporter" Andrea Mitchell Doctoring Romney Footage

First it was exploding buses, now MSNBC attacks GOP nominee Mitt Romney by selectively editing footage to make him appear out of touch...and it's exposed once again by #Just A Blogger.

Hats off to Sooper Mexican! Here's his original post from yesterday. Tonight, he asks MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Retract Her Story, Apologize and Show Full Video.

Yesterday the liberal media went a little crazy in their attempt to try to make comments from Mitt Romney at a campaign stop about a WAWA hoagie purchase into this election’s “George Bush Grocery Scanner” moment. If you’ll remember, the media reported that George H. W. Bush was absolutely amazed by a grocery scanner, painting him as aloof and out of touch with the common man.

After the damage was done to his campaign, it came out that the media had lied – he was actually amazed that the scanner could still scan a ripped label, and was perfectly acquainted with the technology. Still, it was a teachable moment – teaching us how the media can push an agenda by distorting the truth.

Well, they tried to do it to Mitt, and they encountered this masked Mexican in their way. READ MORE HERE.

Here’s a great video by MRCTV with both videos - Andrea’s deceptive edit, and Mitt Romney’s full speech:

The story has gone all through the Conservative Blogosphere, and it shows what a difference #JustABlogger can make. Remember that when ABC put out a similarly deceptive edit of George Zimmerman to damage him? THAT producer was supposedly fired, though never identified. While that edit put a man’s life in danger, this edit tried to DECEIVE the American public and sway their political opinion. Both are insidious in their own way.

The media elites are once again bringing up their high point--Watergate, as the 40th anniversary just passed of the break-in that led to media expose (and resignation) of President Richard Nixon. Forty years later, the watchdogs have become lapdogs, as they shield a President who has abused his power in similar and worse ways than Nixon did.

And now it is the new media, who are the new watchdogs...keeping an eye not only on corruption in both parties, but in the media as well.

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