Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Sides With Statism, Upholds Obamacare As Tax, But Not Under Commerce Clause

It's a sad day in America.

SCOTUS Blog says the mandate survives as a tax, but it is complicated. Medicaid provision "is limited but not invalidated."

So, what we're being told is that the individual mandate is unconstitutional under the commerce clause, but is being allowed an is constitutional as a tax. SCOTUSBlog says Chief Justice Roberts saved Obamacare.

Remember that Obama's own budget director said Obamacare was not a tax, but the Solicitor General claimed it as a tax in court for constitutional purposes.

Patterico has video of Obama saying the individual mandate is NOT a tax.

So, while he goes out and falsely claims he's cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans, Obama has just enacted the biggest tax in American history and lied to the American public about it.

The Dow Jones is plummeting after the Obamacare ruling.

Sarah Palin weighs in on Twitter

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