Wednesday, June 06, 2012

If Scott Walker Beat Recall Because Of Money In Politics, Then Why Are Unions Bigger Donors Than Koch Bros?

The big liberal talking point today about Gov. Scott Walker's victory in the frivolous recall election last night was that the unions and Democrats were "outspent" as far as campaign dollars.

In other words, those eeeeeeeeevil Koch Brothers helped Walker defeat the unions and the Democrats, because they and other conservatives are putting too much money in the political process.

Well, facts are stubborn things, as I pointed out here back in February of 2011. has a list of the top campaign donors from 1989-2010. Here's their top 20 for the 2010 campaign cycle (h/t Kim Hedum, via Twitter). 

If so look closely, most of the top 20 campaign donors for the 2010 campaign season were gasp....labor unions supporting Democrats--SEIU, NEA, AFT, the CWA thugs, et al.

As for the Koch Brothers, who are now the favorite bogeymen of the Democrats and their Leftist allies?

They made number 83 on the list.

For all their demonization of the Koch Brothers and money in politics, the Left never talks about how George Soro$, the head of Progressive Insurance, Theresa Heinz Kerry and Barbra Streisand fund various far-Left groups.

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it is at .org not .com