Friday, June 01, 2012

Dingy Ann Coulter: Conservatives Aren't Making A Big Deal Out Of Wisconsin Recall Election

Seriously, what planet does Ann Coulter live on?

She is claiming that conservatives aren't making a big deal about the recall election next week led by labor unions in Wisconsin against Gov. Scott Walker (Daily Caller).

An election almost as important as the presidential election will be held next Tuesday, and conservatives aren’t making a big deal of it, just as they didn’t make a fuss over the 2008 Minnesota Senate election as Al Franken stole it from under their noses. (Gov. Tim Pawlenty: “Minnesota has a reputation for clean and fair and good elections. We’ve got 4,100 precincts run by volunteers. They do a good job, and we thank them.”)

The public sector unions are trying to oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker from office for impinging on their princely, taxpayer-supported lifestyles. If Walker goes down, no governor will ever again suggest that snowplow operators work when it snows. No governor will dare try to deprive public school teachers of their Viagra. Forget about ever firing self-paced, self-evaluated, unnecessary government employees.

Always leading the nation, California has already been bankrupted by the public sector unions. That’s the country’s future if Walker doesn’t win, and it’s not going to matter who’s in the Oval Office.

Democrats know what’s at stake. They’re treating this election like the Normandy invasion. Meanwhile, Republicans are sitting back, complacently citing polls that show Walker with a slight lead.

Polls don’t register passion.

Am I missing something? Is there another recall that I haven't heard about? Because I get two, three, five e-mails a day from Republicans, Tea Party groups, etc, about this frivolous recall election and the stakes involved. From polls I saw, there appears to be more energy on Gov. Walker's side instead of the labor unions. The Dems are being outspent by the Republicans in the recall. Even the GOP Chair, Reinse Priebus, knows the stakes and says a win could help turn Wisconsin into Romney's column in November.

So, Ann, maybe you should stop drooling and dreaming over your wall poster of fatboy Chris "Krispy Kreme" Christie and get with the game. We're already miles ahead of you!

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John Ruberry said...

Oh, to have Scott Walker in Illinois...