Sunday, June 03, 2012

Birthday Weekend News Roundup

Yep, this weekend I turned another year older (but don't feel like it....that's the most important thing, huh?) So, I've been busy with birthday and family activities and haven't spent much time blogging.

But I have been keeping up with the news, and here's some of what's caught my eye this weekend that I think you should know about.

Lee Stranahan has the audio from the Aaron Walker hearing in Rockville, MD, this past Tuesday, in which Walker was, simply put, arrested for blogging. I haven't had time to hear the audio yet, but Patterico has enlisted people to transcribe the audio and it's pretty stunning how ignorant of new media, and legal precedent on First Amendment law this judge is. He hopes to have a final transcript done by tomorrow. This is a story that really needs to move beyond the blogosphere, because the implications of it affect everyone.

In more First Amendment news, a pro-Gov. Scott Walker protester was arrested at a rally where Slick Willie Clinton was campaigning for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the Democrat against Walker in the recall election this coming Tuesday. The protester's crime? Being anti-union and pro-Walker. See the video below and listen to the union thugs cheer and yell lock him up. At 0.15, the police officer (no doubt a union member) tells the Marine, "You're going to get your ass kicked."

Ann Althouse, who lives in Wisconsin, received a mailer where her and her neighbors voting information was distributed in the neighborhood, in a "surveillance effect" where organizations are manipulating voting by social pressure.

Another story that is being ignored by the "old media" involves Memorial Day and the post I'd written Thursday about how veterans and families were turned away from the Vietnam Memorial Wall in DC, and Arlington National Cemetery. I can tell this is being ignored because I've noticed a huge amount of traffic over the weekend going to that story, as well as how the Chicago Jesus (Obama) used this sacred memorial to illustrate his supposed "divinity" in a White House official photo.

You probably didn't hear this either, but Marathon Pundit found members of the Polish community in Chicago who came out to protest Obama at one of his fundraisers for calling the Nazi concentration camps were the population of Polish Jews were almost wiped out the "Polish Death Camps." Here's one video:

So, that's a wrap up of what has caught my eye this weekend. Hope you've had a good one, being the first in June! Now, back to more chocolate cake and ice cream.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine if Palin had made the same mistake. They ripped her over hew accurate retelling of Paul Revere warning the British as well but give Obama a pass because apriori he is 'smart' and Palin is 'dumb'. Never mind she was right and he was wrong.