Monday, June 11, 2012

87 Members Of Congress Ask Holder to Investigate SWAT-ting Of Bloggers

One US Senator wrote such a letter last week, now the House has spoken (Kerry Picket, Washington Times, via Sister Toldjah).

Congresswoman Sandy Adams, Florida Republican, sent a letter on Monday, signed by 87 House Republicans, to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to assign Justice Department officials to investigate the recent threat of “SWAT-tings.” (Scroll further down for letter in bold)

A SWAT-ting happens when a person calls 911 emergency dispatch services under another individual’s name and falsely claims he or she is committing a violent crime. Such an act is committed to cause local law enforcement authorities (like a SWAT team) to surround and enter the residence of an innocent individual, who was impersonated and framed for a violent crime through the 911 call. The false call can be made via the internet, so as to mask the true caller's identity and location.

“My concern is someone is going to get hurt,” Rep. Adams told me on Friday. “It’s very dangerous for the people living in the home that didn’t call 911, because they have no awareness whatsoever that something like that had happened. So they open the door to law enforcement whether it’s with or without guns drawn.”

“It’s a danger to the law enforcement agency that is being sent there, and it’s also a danger to the people in the community, because you’re pulling people away from what could be a real emergency.”

The copy of the letter is included in the Washington Times link. Rep. Kenny Marchant stated his support for an investigation last week and is included among the names. Some of the names on the letter include Michele Bachmann, Allen West, Louie Gohmert, Pete Sessions, Ben Quayle and Marsha Blackburn.

While it is a good start, Congress also needs to address the use of "lawfare" against private citizens from exercising their First Amendment right to free speech in participating in politics, or acting as citizens journalists. Ace of Spades noted this in a lenghty but spot on post on all the harassment being foisted on several bloggers.

But there are several troubling aspects in my mind that this letter raises:

1. Why are there only 87 members of Congress willing to sign their names to a letter asking for an investigation into intimidation of bloggers from exercising their First Amendment freedom?

2. Why are there (unless I missed them on the list) no members of House leadership willing to sign this letter?

3. How come no Democrat has been willing to stand up for the concept of free political speech, which was a driving force behind the First Amendment?

4. Since none have added their names, are we to surmise that House Democrats stand by tactics such as SWAT-ting, "lawfare", and other forms of intimidation, (as was done to National Bloggers Club chairman Ali K. Akbar the other day), as well as the people/groups doing it?

I agree in part with law blogger Popehat and other who have said this should not be a partisan issue, as this is a double-edge sword and can also cut the other way. But the fact that no Democrat yet has added their name to this letter, plus the legal attacks on other bloggers, groups like ALEC and people like Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, and Glenn Beck (all from Leftists, plus George Soro$ funded groups, some of whom coordinate with the Obama Regime) is a troubling sign.

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