Sunday, June 17, 2012

1987 - Press Described As "Grown Men Who Shout" At Reagan

The Obama Lapdog Media is busy distracting from their false Messiah's unConstitutional and lawless executive order granting quasi amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens by saying Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro "heckled" That One.

The lapdogs, and their enabler, former ABC reporter Sam Donaldson, conveienetly forgot this tidbit from 25 years ago (Newsbusters).

Comments on the underlined items:
• Not only did they "do it for a living," they did it almost constantly during Reagan's eight years, almost regardless of the circumstances. It appeared to be a strategy designed to make the president appaer aloof and stand-offish, when by 1987 (which is probably why Connell decided to cover it) it was clear that the press's image had been severely tarnished by its years-long virtually non-stop childishness.
• It got so bad that by Reagan's second term, the press was almost routinely interrupting equivalent presidential functions like the one Robert Bork was involved in as described above.
• I believe it's fair to say that Obama and his apparatchiks have limited direct presidential access to Dear Leader far more than Reagan and his handlers ever did. Shoot, at one point (and I believe it's still the case), Obama's people were deciding ahead of time who in the press would get the privilege of asking him questions.

Now, all of a sudden, Neil Munro is a "heckler" getting a beat-down from the White House Correspondents Association amid speculation that The Daily Caller might "lose its access to the President and to the White House." What a bunch of flaming, presidential boot-licking hypocrisy.

Not only that, but left unreported is how unfriendly the Regime is towards some members of the White House Press Corps, even some senior members, who dare to do some real journalism.

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