Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Who's The H8er? Vile Lib Roseanne Barr Calls N.C. Amendment 1 Approval "Bigotry" Never Mind She Dressed As Hitler & Ate "Jew" Cookies

The self-professed champions of tolerance known as liberals were out in full-force on Twitter, comdemning North Carolina voters for approving Amendment 1, that defined marriage as between a man and a woman only.

Among those tolerant voices was unhinged Hollywood liberal idiot Roseanne Barr, who is also running for President under the Green Party (Twitchy).

First, she called for Hollywood production companies to boycott the entire state of North Carolina in response to that state’s approval of Amendment 1. Later on, she graciously offered up an exemption from the boycott to the handful of North Carolina counties in which a majority of voters opposed Amendment 1:

She proposed that gay people should move to the countryside (presumably in a state other than North Carolina) and start farms:

She suggested that fat white men ought not be permitted to marry:

She called an Amendment 1 supporter a “fucker”:

She told a story about a North Carolina friend whose dad (an Amendment 1 supporter?) enjoyed having sex with dogs:

She claimed that many churches are headed by pedophiles:

Finally, she acknowledged that it might be a good idea to take a break from Twitter:

Which might be a good idea, because it's easy for some who have long memories and know how to use search engines.

Roseanne Barr wants to play the liberal game of name calling when her issue is rejected by most of the population of the state. But who is she to call traditional marriage backers "bigots" when she took part in a mockery of one of the worst genocides known to mankind, the Holocaust, and dressed up as the genocidal bigot who oversaw this slaughter.

John Hawkins found the following back in 2009 from Heebs Magazine.

As the “Domestic Goddess” dons the famous moustache, transforming into “Domestic Goddess Hitler,” I notice that she’s beginning to have fun. She nails the Fuehrer’s facial expressions with twisted glee, and as she takes the burnt gingerbread “Jew Cookies” out of the oven it occurs to me that Barr may be the last celebrity utterly incapable of giving a {EXPLETIVE DELETED} …

When the photographer suggests that we pose together for a quick snapshot, I put my arm around this slightly eccentric drinker and pot smoker who gets off on dressing like a Nazi, and it dawns on me: I adore her. No-touching protocol be damned, I lean in to plant a kiss on her cheek, and, to my surprise, she turns toward me and puckers her lips. The nerves I’m feeling now are of a completely different variety.

So who is the H8R, Roseanne?

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Anonymous said...

Is she going to boycott the other 29 states, too, that have passed this same thing? Just 20 more to go. Let's watch and see.