Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rep. John Lewis Still Parroting Lie About Racial Slurs Yelled At Congressional Black Caucus By Tea Party

Welcome to another episode of "I Gotta Blog About This $^!t Again?" (via Weasel Zippers) has an video/audio of Democrat Rep. John Lewis answering a question from a caller to some radio show about the lack of civility from Obama and the Democrat side when they call for it. The caller also mentioned the infamout March 20, 2010 Congressional Black Caucus walk through the Tea Party crowd, where allegations of racial slurs being yelled at the Congresspersons were made, but no video evidence appeared proving it. Here's the audio....

And here's the proof, from the perspective of my Flip Camera (at 2:48 in the video below).

And in the longer 48 second video, when the CBC was walking back from the Capitol.

At either time, I did not hear any racial slur uttered at these Congressmen, and did not know of the allegation until I came home that evening. Two years later, none of them can still prove it, but they'll keep repeating the lie in an election year.

Wasn't I just talking about slanderous allegations? This is an example.

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Quite Rightly said...

Why should he stop when Libs still absolutely believe every word he says?

Just a couple of days ago I got an email from a Lib praising this guy to the sky.

Anonymous said...

@29 seconds a member of the caucus is filming the whole way with TWO smart phones. Surely one of those caught the N word...supose they would have released them if they had caught the blasted word...So let's say he did hear it it certainly was not a word uttered by the majority, the vast majority of the crowd. Who is the gray haired white dude following them? Did he not hear it as well? Surely he was with in ear shot?