Monday, May 28, 2012 Editor/CNN Contributor Erick Erickson "SWATed" Last Night

Similar to what happened to blogger Patterico last year, and another man in New Jersey, and just days after Erickson participated in the Kimberlin blogburst (RedState).

Last week we spent a lot of time writing about Brett Kimberlin and the incident involving blogger Patterico where someone spoofed his phone number and told 911 he had shot his wife.

Tonight, my family was sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner when sheriffs deputies pulled up in the driveway.

Someone called 911 from my address claiming there had been an accidental shooting.

It wasn’t nearly the trauma that Patterico suffered, but I guess the Erickson household is on somebody’s radar.

Luckily it was two sheriffs deputies who knew me and I had already, last week, advised the Sheriff’s Department to be on the look out for something like this.

Patterico was on Lee Stranahan's podcast last night when a man claiming to be the SWATer called into the show. He has clips of the podcast, along with the SWATing calls at his blog.

Michelle Malkin has more. Aaron at Allergic to Bull rightly makes this point

Let me say something else to the liberals out there. I have studiously avoided making this a liberal v. conservative thing. I still believe that the vast majority of liberals and conservatives do not believe that this is the way to carry out our discourses—with criminal actions taken to intimidate the opposition into silence. This is why it is important for liberals just as conservatives to stand up and demand justice. Framing a person for a crime should not be a political tactic. Intentionally putting a person’s life in danger should not be a political tactic. Filing bogus restraining orders (or peace orders) to keep you from talking about someone should not be a political tactic.

And I believe liberals will come around and denounce these tactics en masse and call for the prosecution of those responsible—if only out of self-interest. What people posing as liberal activists do today to Patrick, Stacy, Erik and myself, can be done tomorrow to a liberal. Indeed if conservatives see this as something that is 1) effective and 2) unpunished, some immoral conservative is likely to resort to the same tactics. If the Krazy Kimberlin’s Krew is not stopped, then Markos Moulitsas or Charles Johnson could find himself on the receiving end of this kind of harassment.

So, is law enforcement and the so-called "mainstream media" going to take notice now?  This needs to stop.

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