Sunday, May 20, 2012

Protests Against NATO Summit...Anachy In Chicago

All the Left-wing riff-raff is in Chicago this weekend due to the NATO summit, so of course, the Occupy squatters were in full force, chanting out nice little rhymes like "F**k the Police" earlier in the week.

As well as "f**k the bourgesoisie" while they marched on the way to Rahmbo "Dead Fish" Emmanuel's house.

These videos were taken by John at Marathon Pundit, who has been out getting great coverage of what the media isn't reporting.

There was also three Black Bloc anarchists who were arrested for a terrorism plot. John also got video of the Occupy Chicago spokeswoman saying they were some of her friends.

The claim being made by the suspects, and parroted by the Communist-linked National Lawyers Guild, is they make their own beer.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Oh, and Obama's pals, Bill Ayers and Berhnardine Dorhn, were there as well.

Anne Sorock has more photos posted at Legal Insurrection.

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