Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama At Commencement "I've Gotta Get My Sh---" Microphone Catches It

Richard Milhous Obama invited himself to speak at Barnard College, when the whole "War on Women" meme was being written out by the libs.

Today was the speech, and, there was another hot mike moment for Obama (Huffington Post).

President Barack Obama delivered a commencement address to graduating students at Barnard College in New York on Monday. After wrapping up his speech, Obama appeared to leave behind his Barnard College Medal of Distinction, which he had been given earlier. As he returned to pick up his award from the podium, he spoke into a live microphone, saying, "I've gotta get my sh..." before trailing off.

Real classy! Invite yourself to give the commencement and refer to the medal given to you by a women's college as excrement.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but this sound bite has the same problem as the Goerge zimmerman 911 tape where there were a couple of words that imaginations filled them in. Let's look for a clearer audio bite.