Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Newspaper Copies Blog, Receives Invoice From Blogger

Those of us who blog are going to have to watch our content, and follow the example of Duane Lester at All American Blogger (PJLifestyle via Five Feet of Fury).

Duane Lester is the proprietor of All-American Blogger and a regular contributor to both PJ Media and here at PJ Lifestyle (where he covers the superhero/comic book beat for us).

Recently he wrote an article for his blog that a small town newspaper reprinted without permission or attribution. Duane explains the story here and presents the screenshots demonstrating the undeniable plagiarism. So what did he do? Duane went and confronted them and — in blogger fashion — took a video camera along with him.

As both his editor and a peer in the new media world a sense of pride sweeps over me while watching Duane calmly, professionally LAY DOWN THE LAW and GET PAID:

Check out the arrogance of the idiots at the newspaper, who've obviously never heard of plagiarism laws.

Thanks Duane for standing up for your work and setting the example for the rest of us.

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Duane did a right thing. It is written by the law about Plagiarism. He has the right to did that i think.