Friday, May 04, 2012

More BS Unemployment Numbers: Down To 8.1% Due To People Leaving Job Market

Don't pay attention to the unemployment numbers for April, because the Regime is once more peeing on our shoes and telling us it's rain (Yahoo Finance).

The April jobs report, released Friday morning, found that the U.S. economy created a disappointing 115,000 jobs for the month. On several levels, the jobs report offered more of the same.

Disappointingly weak job trend. The poor job market has been discouraging workers. The household survey, in which BLS calls up people and asks them about their employment status, produced several disappointing data points. The unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent in April from 8.2 percent in March, but that's largely because the labor force shrank by about 350,000 people in April. The labor force participation rate, the employment-to-population ratio, and the number of people who said they are employed all fell in the month.

Now if you took those numbers at face value, like the Regime wants you to, you'd think the economic picture was improving. But it's not. People are leaving the workforce and not being counted, so the rate drops.

This is called "fuzzy math" as well as this President and his regime lying to the American people. Some of his media lapdogs (with the exception of the Associated with Obama Press) aren't willing to cover for him anymore.

Think about this. Some of the same people who (without any proof) accused George W. Bush of "lying" to take the US into war with Iraq are lying without shame about the state of our economy...all for political gain and purposes. Anyone with half a brain who lives in the real world knows these numbers are BS and there is no recovery. How many of you are either unemployed, or have been for a while, know someone who has, or work in a place where hours are being cut back and people are doing clerical work because they can't hire full time administrative assistants or receptionists? There's a lot of that going on.

If they keep up this jerry-rigging of the numbers, we'll be down to 2.0 unemployment, because no one will have a job by November, while Obama and his Hollywood celebrity idiots will be singing "Happy Days Are Here Again."

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