Thursday, May 31, 2012

Greasy Axelrod Heckled In Boston, While Romney Holds Presser Outside Empty Solyndra Plant

The greasy David Axelrod got his Chicago style of politics handed back to him today, and he showed he couldn't take it!

Obama's key advisor, who is so greasy he combs his hair with a pork chop, was holding a press conference to say how Mitt Romney was a "drive by" governor, when he was heckled by Romney supporters who yelled "Five More Months!" "Where Are The Jobs?" and "Sollllynnnnndra!"

Here's the video, try not to laugh too hard! (via Hot Air)

The arrogance of The Regime is evident here. If you can't swallow those cow patties they call "truth" then you have to shut up. This is the problem with the Regime and the Democrat Party. Dissenters are "the enemy."

Meanwhile, in the Bay Area, Mitt Romney sprung a well-kept secret press conference outside the now empty Solyndra plant, where a half a billion dollars in taxpayer money was flushed down Obama's golden toilet for his pie in the sky dream of green jobs that did not happen.

Solyndra is a prime example of The Obama Economy. Crony capitalism and a waste of taxpayer dollars, with no new jobs to show for it, only unemployed American workers and the taxpayer holding the bag.  It's just an empty building along I-580 for sale.

This is what it's going to take to beat Obama, and for one who did not favor the idea of him being the GOP nominee, Romney is really beginning to earn my respect for hitting this hard.

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