Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Chicago Teamsters President Swats At Blogger's Camera, New York Conservatives Assaulted, & Other May Day Violence From Democrat Endorsed Occupiers

Is it any wonder that the Obama/Pelosi/Wasserman-Schultz/DNC endorsed movement known as "Occupy Wall Street" chose the Marxist holiday of May 1 (May Day) to crank themselves up again?

Well they did, and violent mayhem ensued over a lot of America's metorpolitan centers.

In Chicago John at Marathon Pundit, a friend of this blog, filmed a conversation he had with Donnie Von Moore, the President of Teamsters Local 743, about the large number of communist, socialist and anarchist groups in the crowd. Moore confused John with another blogger, RebelPundit. When a member of the union confronted Moore about the communists in the crowd, Moore swatted at the camera (video below).

John also has a lot more images you won't see in the lapdog media, including a shot of Richard Milhous Obama's neighborhood friends and early political supporters, unrepetant Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Ayers is wearing red and pink, appropriate colors for a pinko. Speaking of Ayers, Melanie Morgan writes that the terrorist was in the San Francisco Bay Area for organizing and leading Occupiers in sessions on "civil disobedience" (read: violent anarchy).

No wonder a couple of domestic terrorists would feel at home with the Occupy movement. The Occupiers have upped their violent and anti-Semitic antics from the fall with more violence, and attempted acts of terrorism.

Yesterday, eight leftists were arrested in an attempt to blow up a bridge in Ohio. Some of those arrested are linked to the Occupy Cleveland movement. There was vandalism in Seattle and San Francisco. A female cop was assaulted from behind in New York (will she get a phone call from Obama?), Occupy Oakland chanted "pigs go home" at the police, and, back in Seattle, police seized bombs, rocks, crowbars and shit bombs in bags (literally, I won't post the sick photos) from Occupiers they arrested.

A group of conservative counter protesters were attacked yesterday as well by the Occupy mob. (Urban Infidel via Gateway Pundit).

Here's the attack from another angle. In both videos, you can see flags of the former Soviet Union in the crowd.

To their shame, the media has done their best to cover up the ties between Occupy and this violence, including the terrorist attempt in Ohio. The Occupiers even put out the blanket statement that they condemn this violence and are not responsible for it.

Excuse me while I call bullshit. If it's not part of the movement, then why are these groups like Black Bloc and other violent revolutionaries allowed in it?

Remember how, just as the Tea Party movement was springing to life, Homeland Security was warning of right-wing extremism becoming a domestic terrorist threat. Remember those Tea Partiers who threatened to blow up bridges and assaulted cops? Yeah, I don't recall that ever happening either. But it happens in spades with this bowel movement known as "Occupy."  All the violence, extremism, and terrorist threats are coming from the Left!

Cue up Nancy Pelosi.

Take a look at the assaults, the violence, and the far-Left extremism. You own it, baby! You, Thunderlips Debbie and Richard Milhous Obama.

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