Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vets & Families Turned Away From Vietnam War Memorial So Obama Could Use It For Campaign Stop

You probably saw Richard Milhous Obama showed up to a Memorial Day event in Washington DC this past Monday. What you didn't hear, and what Dan Riehl has found out, is a travesty that happened to those who made the trip to DC to pay tribute to family, friends and brothers-in-arms at both the Vietnam Memorial Wall and Arlington National Cemetery (my emphasis noted below).

A retired Army Lieutenant General, John B. Sylvester maintains that, unlike in previous years and under previous presidents, hundreds, if not thousands, of veterans, their families, friends and others, were turned away during their simple attempts to honor their fallen comrades and family members on Memorial Day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, commonly referred to as The Wall, in Washington, D.C. This would appear to confirm an earlier blog report at Thoughts from a Conservative Mom blog.

The claim is that a decision by the Obama administration put a political speech meant to bolster his chances at re-election, above the desires, traditions and practices of many Vietnam-era military members and their families, who have been coming together at The Wall on Memorial Day for decades, now. No notice was given regarding the closing due to Obama's decision to use The Wall as backdrop in his Memorial Day speech.

Sources insist it remained closed for hours, until most simply grew frustrated and went away. For decades, individuals have been coming together there on Memorial Day to perform simple acts and observances in keeping with America's established Memorial Day tradition.

Lt. General Sylvester had written the following in an e-mail:

I just wanted a bunch of you to know about this travesty. When we were turned away from The Wall, I went to lay wreaths on my Mom and Dad and Brother and Sister’s graves at Arlington. Guess what? They had that closed for the great man too!!! Not sure who his canned audiences were at either place, but not many veterans like the thousands of guys I saw going away pretty angry.

According to an update in an initial blog report, "'The National Park Service, Public Affairs, and Vietnam Veterans of America all confirmed the shut-down when contacted by phone. VVA said that all the guests had to be pre-screened for security reasons, and it would have been “very difficult” to give advance notice to all the families and vets who arrived to find it closed.'"

Reactions from veterans who were turned away for lack of a White House pass from the Obama administration, range from outraged to saddened when read, or heard for this report, based on multiple confirmed, seemingly reliable sources. Unlike the mainstream media, the blog that did report on the reality of events of this Memorial Day caused me to take a closer look.

Below some additional reflections taken from emails shared with me and approved for publication.

I saw this first hand and I bet you won’t hear about this from the Liberal media… Vietnam veterans and the families of Vietnam veterans killed in action whose names are etched on the Wall were denied access to their memorial today, of all days, Memorial Day. The Vietnam Memorial was shutdown, cleared and secured for approximately 5 hours prior to Obama, his cronies and hand picked veterans for a 15 minute appearance by Obama. It’s obvious it was all for show.

Hundreds if not thousands of Vietnam veterans and families of Vietnam veterans killed in Vietnam stood in disbelief as Secret Service, Park Police, Washington DC Police, etc., blocked all access to the Vietnam Memorial and kept everyone approximately 100 yards away from their memorial for the first time in the history of the Memorial so Obama could get some photos of him at the Wall. Veterans in uniforms stood in the heat angered as Obama makes them wait. It was a photo op at their expense and families of those killed in Vietnam

To point out the obvious political nature of the visit, Riehl noted how, in years past, Obama had not made a practice of participating in Memorial Day events or speeches. It was another day to golf. I can only think of two other times Obama has given Memorial Day speeches. One was thrown together as he headed to Chicago for the weekend at a nearby cemetery, and even God sent showers of displeasure. In 2008, Obama proved he didn't know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, as he appeared to reference the ghosts of fallen vets in attendance.

Those Veterans and their families deserved more respect from this raging, narcissist President than what they got instead. Memorial Day should only be a day to remember the fallen, and for their families, friends, fellow Vets and a grateful nation to honor them. It should never become just another campaign stop for any President, especially one who wants to slash their benefits while claiming credit for the success of the bin Laden raid.

Greasy Axelrod Heckled In Boston, While Romney Holds Presser Outside Empty Solyndra Plant

The greasy David Axelrod got his Chicago style of politics handed back to him today, and he showed he couldn't take it!

Obama's key advisor, who is so greasy he combs his hair with a pork chop, was holding a press conference to say how Mitt Romney was a "drive by" governor, when he was heckled by Romney supporters who yelled "Five More Months!" "Where Are The Jobs?" and "Sollllynnnnndra!"

Here's the video, try not to laugh too hard! (via Hot Air)

The arrogance of The Regime is evident here. If you can't swallow those cow patties they call "truth" then you have to shut up. This is the problem with the Regime and the Democrat Party. Dissenters are "the enemy."

Meanwhile, in the Bay Area, Mitt Romney sprung a well-kept secret press conference outside the now empty Solyndra plant, where a half a billion dollars in taxpayer money was flushed down Obama's golden toilet for his pie in the sky dream of green jobs that did not happen.

Solyndra is a prime example of The Obama Economy. Crony capitalism and a waste of taxpayer dollars, with no new jobs to show for it, only unemployed American workers and the taxpayer holding the bag.  It's just an empty building along I-580 for sale.

This is what it's going to take to beat Obama, and for one who did not favor the idea of him being the GOP nominee, Romney is really beginning to earn my respect for hitting this hard.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rep. John Lewis Still Parroting Lie About Racial Slurs Yelled At Congressional Black Caucus By Tea Party

Welcome to another episode of "I Gotta Blog About This $^!t Again?" (via Weasel Zippers) has an video/audio of Democrat Rep. John Lewis answering a question from a caller to some radio show about the lack of civility from Obama and the Democrat side when they call for it. The caller also mentioned the infamout March 20, 2010 Congressional Black Caucus walk through the Tea Party crowd, where allegations of racial slurs being yelled at the Congresspersons were made, but no video evidence appeared proving it. Here's the audio....

And here's the proof, from the perspective of my Flip Camera (at 2:48 in the video below).

And in the longer 48 second video, when the CBC was walking back from the Capitol.

At either time, I did not hear any racial slur uttered at these Congressmen, and did not know of the allegation until I came home that evening. Two years later, none of them can still prove it, but they'll keep repeating the lie in an election year.

Wasn't I just talking about slanderous allegations? This is an example.

Previous Coverage:

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Blogger Aaron Walker Arrested (& Released) In Maryland Yesterday, Is This Still America?

Blogger and lawyer Aaron Walker (aka Aaron Worthing) who writes at his Allergic to Bull blog, and formerly was a contributor to the Patterico's Pontifications blog, was arrested yesterday at a hearing in Maryland on a peace order filed against him.

Where there was confusion as to why the arrest was made, Patterico (via Michelle Malkin) wrote at his blog in the excerpt below, to the best of his knowledge, why the arrest took place.

This post is based on a couple of first-hand accounts from witnesses who don’t want to be named. I have not had a chance to read transcripts, listen to court audio, review minute orders, or see any other similar material (besides two docket entries shown below) that would definitively establish precisely what happened. But I am reasonably confident of the following:

Aaron was not arrested for second degree assault, contrary to some false reports floating around. The rumor apparently started because the deputy who arrested him was familiar with the incident in which Aaron grabbed Kimberlin’s iPad when Kimberlin was trying to take a picture of him. Apparently the deputy believed that he was arresting Aaron for that alleged assault. But Aaron was actually booked for violating a peace order.

It does not appear that Aaron was held in contempt for his behavior in court today. Aaron may have irritated the judge by interrupting Kimberlin and the judge repeatedly (a good reason why you don’t represent yourself in court; you are too emotionally involved). But as you’ll hear below, it sounds like the judge explicitly disregarded applicable Supreme Court precedent, saying he didn’t care about it.

As best as I can tell, the arrest occurred because Brett Kimberlin got a warrant from a judge two days ago, for a criminal charge of violation of a peace order.

I am not an expert on Maryland criminal law, but from talking to people about this, it appears (stunning as it sounds) that they have a procedure there in Maryland whereby any citizen can go to a judge and swear out a complaint against another citizen for a crime. If the judge makes a finding of probable cause — and it appears that they rubber-stamp these things, in my opinion — the warrant issues, without any prosecutorial oversight. Only at some point in the future does the State’s Attorney decide whether the charges are appropriate.

(As an aside, this is my understanding of what happened when Aaron was facing second degree assault charges several weeks ago. As best as I can understand the process, the case was never “filed” by the State’s Attorney. They dismissed it after a video showed Kimberlin had lied under oath about several aspects of the incident. But the charges had lingered on for weeks before they did.)

…So Brett Kimberlin, knowing that Aaron was coming to court to defend against a civil “peace order,” lay in ambush with a criminal charge, so that Aaron would be arrested.

One wonders if this is his new strategy: he sues you for your blogging, and simultaneously obtains a peace order saying you harassed him. If you blog about him again, he gets a judge to rubber stamp a criminal complaint for violating the peace order.

Now, if you don’t show up for the lawsuit, he gets a default judgment. If you do, you get arrested for blogging.

Catch 22. And a nice scam if you can get judges gullible enough to go along with it.

There's more about what happened yesterday at Robert Stacy McCain's blog, and at Investors Business Daily has more on what happened with this travesty of justice yesterday.

Fox News even discussed the case, albeit only the SWATting angle that happened to Erick Erickson and Patterico, including that stunning audio Patterico posted at his blog on Friday.

Brit Hume even Tweeted about it.

So, basically, a retired judge who has no idea how the Internet operates heard the case, and Walker didn't help himself by acting as his own attorney and getting into confrontations with a judge. It's probably not a good idea to represent yourself in a case in which you have a big emotional and personal investment. But, despite all that, Walker walked into a trap that he apparently didn't know was set for him due to this "lawfare" tactic. It was a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation.

The judge claimed Walker made and incited threats. In all the blogs I read (unless one can be pointed out to me that I missed), I didn't see him or any other blogger make threats, unless some bonehead made one in the "comments" section or e-mailed it.  That's like saying Ozzy Osbourne or Judas Priest were responsible for a couple of stoned kids who committed suicide because the music allegedly told them to "do it."   From the laws and cases I've seen, (and I'm no lawyer), unless you can point to some specific incitement of violence, the blogger/writer/reporter is not responsible. Some have said that if that were the case, George Zimmerman should be suing a bunch of people for inciting threats against him.

But the question I have, especially after seeing all this yesterday, and the threats to other bloggers who have dared to write about this subject, is what happened to the United States of America we were born into and taught to believe in?  Is it now against the law to report in a blog posting the fact that someone was convicted for a heinous crime, especially when it is a Left-wing activist funded in part by foundations linked to George Soros, Teresa Heinz Kerry and Barbra Streisand, among others?

bloggers, are regularly libeled (with no proof, mind you) as "racists," "bigots," "white supremacists," "terrorists," "Nazis," "fascists," you name it. Why? Simply for the politically incorrect crime of being someone who believes in the individual, in the founding principles of this nation? Is it now criminal to be a conservative and express your view points, as well as a be a blogger or "citizen journalist?"

Some Leftists, like Popehat (hat tip Sister Toldjah), as have Walker and Patterico, have also cautioned against making this a Left/Right issue. It's a good point to be made, because it is a double edge sword you're walking when you talk about silencing people or having them arrested, sued, or lose their livelyhood because you don't like something they wrote. It's not far to fall from Oppressor to Oppressed. As much as I don't agree with far-Left moonbat writers like Charles "Icarus" Johnson or his buddy Markos "Screw Them" Moulitas, I'll criticize whatever lunacy they write, expose their fallacies and where they're wrong, etc, but would not agree with or call on having their First Amendment rights taken from them by force or rule of law.

But it is difficult to make that distinction in an era when we have a President who tells his followers to "argue with your neighbors, get in their face," as well as encourages them to send in reports of websites, media, etc who make "false claims" (read: criticism) about his record, or treats wealthy donors to Mitt Romney's campaign to public exposure as if they're bigger public enemies than al-Queda. Isn't this the kind of behavior and abuse of power that the "mainstream media" rightly exposed during Watergate?

For those who are interested, there is a fund being set up by the National Bloggers Club for those who have been affected by this "lawfare."  It's saddening to think that two days ago, we honored those who "gave all" so that we might be free.  Now that freedom they fought and died for is under threat.  Keep these bloggers who have been affected in your prayers, and support your favorite bloggers, because any assault on freedom of speech affects all of us.

Two Paths...

Great video made by Ben Howe, via Marathon Pundit.

Imagine The Outrage If Attn Gen John Ashcroft Talked To White Evangelical Preachers About Election Law...

Imagine, had George W. Bush's first attorney general, John Ashcroft, had talked election law with white evangelical preachers in an election year, the cries of "separation of church and state" and "RAAAAACISM!" would be never ending not just in the Democrat lapdog media, but in the halls of Congress.

Just like the outrage when Attorney General Eric Holder talked to black ministers on election law (Human Events).

Attorney General Eric Holder is much too busy to respond to that mountain of “Operation Fast and Furious” subpoenas he’s been dodging. For that matter, as he tried to explain to Congress during hearings into that murderous outrage, he’s too busy to read everything that gets dumped into his in-box.

He hasn’t found time to meet with the family of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, killed by a border-hopping gang equipped with guns from the Obama Administration’s inter-agency gun-running program. He attended no memorials for Agent Terry. He couldn’t even make time to apologize for Terry’s death, until catching intense heat for his refusal to do so during one of his unhappy subcommittee appearances, almost a year after the murder. No grass grows beneath his shoes!

What Eric Holder does have time for is teaching groups of black pastors how to stay on the right side of election law and preserve their tax-exempt status while they’re assisting the Obama re-election campaign. As reported by the Washington Examiner:

"We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people, and we're going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501c3 status with the IRS," Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., told MSNBC today.

"In fact, we're going to have the IRS administrator there, we're going to have the Attorney General Eric Holder there, we're going to have the lawyers' organization from around the country, the ACLU -- all giving ministers guidance about what they can and cannot do," he noted.

Cleaver said they would not tell pastors which candidate to support. They will let them know who to regard as the bad guys, though (hint: not Democrats). "We're going to talk about some of the draconian laws that have cropped up around the country as a result of the 17 percent increase in African American votes," Cleaver said, describing voter ID laws as a form of Jim Crow-style "poll tax" on seniors and black voters.

The CBC chairman is confident that "President Obama is going to get 95 percent of the [African American] vote," and wants to keep that turnout high. "We want to let them know that there is a theological responsibility to participate in the political process, at least in the Judeo-Christian tradition," he said.

Theological responsibility? You mean to re-elect the same failed president whom liberals talk about as if he were the Second Coming of the Messiah?

And yes, you did not hear any outrage because there was none coming from the media or the usual "separation of church and state" suspects. Why not?

Obama Refers To Nazi Concentration Camp As "Polish Death Camp"

This is woefully ignorant stuff coming from the guy libs claim is too smart to be President (UK Telegraph).

President Obama has a long track record of insulting the Poles. In 2010 he chose to play golf on the day of the funeral of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, the Polish First Lady, and 94 senior officials who perished in the Smolensk air disaster. Eight months earlier he humiliated Warsaw by pulling out of the agreement over Third Site missile defence installations in Poland and the Czech Republic. And last night Barack Obama caused huge offence in Poland by referring to a Nazi death camp in Poland as “a Polish death camp” while awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a Polish resistance fighter. As ABC’s Jake Tapper reported:

Poles and Polish-Americans expressed outrage today at President Obama’s reference earlier to “a Polish death camp” — as opposed to a Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland.

“The White House will apologize for this outrageous error,” Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski tweeted. Sikorski said that Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk “will make a statement in the morning. It’s a pity that this important ceremony was upstaged by ignorance and incompetence.”

The president had been trying to honor a famous Pole, awarding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Karski, a resistance fighter who sneaked behind enemy lines to bear witness to the atrocities being committed against Jews. President Obama referred to him being smuggled “into the Warsaw ghetto and a Polish death camp to see for himself.”

Apparently, these were scripted remarks. So, who was reading the speech to point out the historic error? Are the White House speechwriters too ignorant of history to make such an egregious error? Anyone who has studied history knows that the Polish Jewish population was nearly wiped out by the Nazis.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Texas Helps Mitt Romney Secure GOP Nomination

It's all over in the GOP race, officially, where my home state of Texas held their primaries today (
Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who has spent much of the past six years running for president, won the Texas primary tonight, giving him enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination and run against President Obama.

Romney was declared the Lone Star state winner by the Associated Press shortly after the polls closed at 9 p.m. Eastern time in Texas.

“Our party has come together with the goal of putting the failures of the last three and a half years behind us,” Romney said in a statement. “I have no illusions about the difficulties of the task before us. But whatever challenges lie ahead, we will settle for nothing less than getting America back on the path to full employment and prosperity.”

Congratulations to Governor Romney for his victory in securing the nomination. I've been highly critical of the governor during the GOP nominating process, if you've followed this blog for any length of time. But what is important now and the number one priority is the defeat in November of Richard Milhous Obama. He MUST be defeated. The future of this nation, and that of our children and grandchildren, count on it. If Obama gets a second term (God forbid), I fear it will cement the destruction of the United State of America, as it was founded and as we knew it.

Since you are now the nominee, Gov. Romney, I only hope that you will go after Obama with twice the furvor as you did running against great candidates like Gov. Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum. You do that and Obama will be a One Term President. Don't play this "he's a nice guy" or "he's not a socialist, he's just over his head," crap. We don't need McCain 2.0 in 2012. We need a fighter. Our future depends on it! I can't stress that enough.

No word yet on the Senate race. I'm pulling for Ted Cruz.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

The cost of freedom is priceless.

Those of us who blog or express our opinions about the state of the nation are only able to do so because of the sacrifices of those who served.

Thank you. We will never forget. Editor/CNN Contributor Erick Erickson "SWATed" Last Night

Similar to what happened to blogger Patterico last year, and another man in New Jersey, and just days after Erickson participated in the Kimberlin blogburst (RedState).

Last week we spent a lot of time writing about Brett Kimberlin and the incident involving blogger Patterico where someone spoofed his phone number and told 911 he had shot his wife.

Tonight, my family was sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner when sheriffs deputies pulled up in the driveway.

Someone called 911 from my address claiming there had been an accidental shooting.

It wasn’t nearly the trauma that Patterico suffered, but I guess the Erickson household is on somebody’s radar.

Luckily it was two sheriffs deputies who knew me and I had already, last week, advised the Sheriff’s Department to be on the look out for something like this.

Patterico was on Lee Stranahan's podcast last night when a man claiming to be the SWATer called into the show. He has clips of the podcast, along with the SWATing calls at his blog.

Michelle Malkin has more. Aaron at Allergic to Bull rightly makes this point

Let me say something else to the liberals out there. I have studiously avoided making this a liberal v. conservative thing. I still believe that the vast majority of liberals and conservatives do not believe that this is the way to carry out our discourses—with criminal actions taken to intimidate the opposition into silence. This is why it is important for liberals just as conservatives to stand up and demand justice. Framing a person for a crime should not be a political tactic. Intentionally putting a person’s life in danger should not be a political tactic. Filing bogus restraining orders (or peace orders) to keep you from talking about someone should not be a political tactic.

And I believe liberals will come around and denounce these tactics en masse and call for the prosecution of those responsible—if only out of self-interest. What people posing as liberal activists do today to Patrick, Stacy, Erik and myself, can be done tomorrow to a liberal. Indeed if conservatives see this as something that is 1) effective and 2) unpunished, some immoral conservative is likely to resort to the same tactics. If the Krazy Kimberlin’s Krew is not stopped, then Markos Moulitsas or Charles Johnson could find himself on the receiving end of this kind of harassment.

So, is law enforcement and the so-called "mainstream media" going to take notice now?  This needs to stop.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Double-Talking Debbie (Wasserman-Schultz) Tries To Have It Both Ways On Wisconsin Recall

What's it gonna be, Thuderlips?

According to a LA Slimes article today, the vitriolic DNC chair is trying to downplay the effect the Democrat/union led recall against Republican Governor Scott Walker will have on the Presidential election in November.

Recent polls have pointed toward a victory for Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin’s June 5 recall election. But here’s the clearest evidence to date that national Democratic party officials believe their side is losing: Democratic officials are playing down the potential impact.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) insisted in a television interview that a loss for the Democratic candidate in the recall, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, wouldn't have any implications for other races, such as the presidential election.

“I think, honestly, there aren’t going to be any repercussions,” Wasserman Schultz said on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” program. “It’s an election that’s based in Wisconsin.”

But this morning, she was on CNN and said the recall was a "test run" for November (h/t Gateway Pundit).

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Sunday classified Democratic efforts in the Wisconsin recall election as a “test run” for the presidential race.

“It’s given the Obama for America operation an opportunity to do the dry run we need of our massive, significant dynamic grassroots presidential campaign,” the Florida representative said of the battleground state on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Unless it's a test run for seeing how many voters they can get out of the cemetary to vote Democrat.

Actually, the Wisconsin recall is a referendum on November. Do residents want to keep the path forward to an improved economy under Gov. Walker, or go back to deficits and high unemployment under Democrats, as Obama has done to America for the last three years.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chris Matthews Lashes Out At "Horses Ass Right Wingers" For Bringing Up Thrill Up His Leg

Remember this back in 2008?

Well, Chris Matthews from the Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap channel (MSNBC) is tired of all the "horses ass right-winger(s)" who mock him for it (ABC via Doug Powers Michelle Malkin).

MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews lectured a fellow television reporter when asked about his 2008 comment that a speech from then-candidate Barack Obama sent a “thrill up his leg.”

Matthews was taking part in a discussion with C-SPAN host Steve Scully, who asked, “Is the thrill still there?”

Visibly annoyed, Matthews turned to face Scully and offered a detailed defense of his comments before saying, “Perhaps I shouldn’t have said so because I’ve given a lot of jackasses the chance to talk about it.”

“I hope that you feel satisfied that you’ve used the most obvious question that is raised by every horse’s ass right-winger I ever bump into,” Matthews added.

Matthews even tried to throw in Ronald Reagan into the mix:

"Ronald Reagan, I've been reading a lot about him, I've been working on a book about him, every time he came to the House chamber, you would feel a thrill up your spine. I do have physical reactions when people are talking about my country."

You mean you're tired of the "jackass, horses ass right-wingers" such as this blogger, Chris? From outside the White House Correspondent's Dinner last month.

"This thrill guy can go to hell."

Coming direct from the real horse's ass!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama Appeared At 1996 Socialist Event In Chicago

Someone tell Mitt Romney don't be afraid to call Richard Milhous Obama a socialist, because the proof is in the pudding (BuzzFeed, h/t Kristinn at FreeRepublic).

It's a reminder that the President presented himself as much more progressive during his time in Chicago. In this little-seen advertisement that ran in the Hyde Park Herald in 1996, Obama was listed on a panel sponsored by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), University of Chicago Democrats, and University of Chicago DSA. He also supported gay marriage back then.

Who are the Democratic Socialists of America? (website)

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. DSA's members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics.

...We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private profit, alienated labor, race and gender discrimination, environmental destruction, and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo.

We are socialists because we share a vision of a humane international social order based both on democratic planning and market mechanisms to achieve equitable distribution of resources, meaningful work, a healthy environment, sustainable growth, gender and racial equality, and non-oppressive relationships.
The acorn didn't fall too far from the tree either. This is a piece written in 1965 for the East Africa Journal, by Barak H. Obama Sr.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm Standing In Solidarity With Nikki Haley, S.E. Cupp & R.S. McCain et al

Some very important people are under attack that you should know about, and whom I'm standing in support with. They are:

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. See yesterday's post for reference. Now, the communication director for the aptly named Dick Blumenthal, Democrat Senator from Connecticut mocked Gov. Haley in a Tweet, saying she's always playing the victim.

And what have we been hearing from liberals since the Fluke named Sandra/Rush Limbaugh controversy? There's a "War on Women"(TM) by conservatives. Well, when it comes to a prominent Republican woman (and a minority woman) is attacked in a vicious manner, you hear nothing but crickets from the alleged champions of women.

Speaking of the War on Women, conservative writer S.E. Cupp is also on my list of whom I'm standing with. Like Haley, there's been a few areas where I've disagreed with Cupp, primarily their vocal support for Mitt Romney in the primary. Cupp was attacked by the sleazeball porn purveyor Larry Flynt in Hustler Magazine because she supports defunding Planned Parenthood. For that, Flynt put a photoshopped picture of Cupp in Hustler engaging in fellatio (Examiner).

As Rothman notes, the shot is accompanied by a disclaimer reading, “No such picture of S.E. Cupp actually exists. This composite fantasy is altered from the original for our imagination, does not depict reality, and is not to be taken seriously for any purpose.” The obvious intention is to cover management’s tail, which might otherwise be exposed for real.

An accompanying text “profile” of Cupp is unkind but not slanderous insofar as it is opinion, which is not covered by defamation laws. The paragraph reads:

S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up joining the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator who often shows up on Fox News programs, is undeniably cute. But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

In an update to the original post, Rothman writes that Cupp called in to Glenn Beck‘s radio program and issued a statement lamenting. “It will be out there forever. The fact that I work very hard and I’m an Ivy Leage educated woman with a pretty good job doesn’t matter when you look at a photo like this.”

In the audio segment, which is here, Cupp wonders aloud whether there would be significant outrage if the skin mag had done something similar to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or First Lady Michelle Obama.

"Altered for our imagination." Yeah, is that what porno rags do these days? Hustler does photoshopped pics of conservative women, while Playboy did a list of conservative women they'd like to "hate f**k."  Once again, nothing but crickets from the phony "feminist" groups.  Even Meghan McCain was angry at not just the attack on Cupp, but the lack of outrage.

Finally, I'm standing also with my friend journalist/blogger Robert Stacy McCain, as well as Aaron Walker, Patterico (blogger), and Liberty Chick, who have been targeted by a guy named Brett Kimberlin for daring to draw attention to his criminal past. The harassment has forced McCain to move him and his family from their home to an undisclosed location.

Michelle Malkin wrote the following today:

The mainstream press, not just the conservative blogosphere, needs to hear and report their stories.

This is a convoluted, ongoing nightmare that combines abuse of the court system, workplace intimidation, serial invasions of privacy, perjury, and harassment of family members. McCain was forced to move with his family out of his house this week, and has just gotten a small taste of what Aaron and Patterico have been enduring over the past year. Aaron and his wife were fired from their jobs after their employer feared the office would be targeted next. Convicted bomber Kimberlin has filed bogus “peace orders” against Aaron, when it is the Walkers who are the victims, not the perpetrators.

And Patterico’s plight will send chills up your spine when he is ready to tell it.

Institutional inertia, incompetence, and apathy among law enforcement officials on both coasts have exacerbated the victims’ suffering. It has moved far beyond a partisan or political story to a bottomless, Kafka-esque morass. And, via investigative journalist Matthew Vadum, it certainly doesn’t help that “progressive,” left-wing foundations that have funded Kimberlin continue to look the other way.

For background on Kimberlin, here's a video made by Lee Stranahan.

Stranahan has designated this Friday, May 25th as Everybody Blog about Brett Kimberlin Day. See his post for more details, and if you Tweet, blog or Facebook spread the word.

Stacy and the others have gotten a big round of support from fellow bloggers, and even Herman Cain took to Facebook tonight to make people aware of the attempt to silence him.

My opinion: Let me say I'm well past the point of being tired of all the bullshit lectures about "civility" and "tolerance" from liberals, as well as their President when conservative women are so viciously attacked in a way that if Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz were, you'd never hear the end of it. And if liberals are so "tolerant," then why all the attempts to silence bloggers, citizen journalists, or flag conservatives on Twitter as "spam?"

You want to disagree, fine. Debate, even passionate is good. But it goes way beyond the pale and unacceptable when people's livelihoods, as well as their families, are harassed just for exercising their First Amendment rights. That is un-American.

Obama Loses 40 Percent Of Vote To Opponent In Arkansas & "Uncommitted" In Kentucky

First, it was losing support in West Virginia to an inmate in a Texas prison. Yesterday, Richard Milhous Obama only got close to 60 percent of the vote against a no-name in Bill Clinton's home state and in Kentucky (The Hill).

In Arkansas, John Wolfe — a perennial, long-shot candidate — took 41 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary, with 71 percent of precincts reporting. Obama came in just under 60 percent. The Associated Press did not call the race for Obama until close to midnight.

And in Kentucky, 42 percent of Democrats chose "uncommitted" rather than cast a vote for the incumbent president. Obama took 58 percent, with 99 percent of precincts reporting.

With turnout low, Obama did get more total votes than presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who won his primary with almost 67 percent of the vote. Obama had more than 118,600 votes to about 117,100 for Romney.

Obama's nomination for a second term by the Democratic Party has never been in danger. But the large number of defections is bad optics for Obama, highlighting widespread discontent with his administration among Democrats who come from conservative states.

A felon incarcerated in Texas took 41 percent of the vote from the president when Democrats in West Virginia cast ballots in the primary earlier in May.

I don't think the discontent is limited to conservative states, it's pretty widespread. The lapdog media isn't looking for it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NEW TONE: Liberal Union Head Hits Pinata With Female GOP Governor's Photo

I wonder if Obama is planning to place a phone call to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley tonight, after a state leader of a labor union allied with him struck a pinata with her face plastered on it.

The video is making the rounds on the Internet (Yahoo).

The video shows Donna Dewitt, the outgoing president of the state AFL-CIO, taking a bat to a pinata which bears a photo of Gov. Nikki Haley. The pinata also features a printout of a quote from Haley: "Unions are not needed, wanted or welcome in South Carolina."

In the video, posted to YouTube, Dewitt is encouraged by others at the gathering, with calls of "Hit her again" and "Give her another whack."

As might be expected, the video has gone viral and is eliciting strong reactions from all sides. And while Dewitt tells ABC News that she has no regrets about the pinata episode and meant no "ill intent," the partisan blogosphere isn't letting this one pass by.

Writing on the conservatives site Commentary, Omri Ceren calls it a "spectacle" and "kind of pathetic—impotent revenge fantasies, even and especially ostensibly ironic ones—always are."

As for how the drama will play out, David Weigel writes in Slate that Dewitt's stunt will only play into Haley's hands. Coming just a week after a South Carolina Democrat mocked Haley, who is Indian, as a "Sikh Jesus," Wiegel says the video "makes the critics look like lead-paint-chewers." Eric Randall of The Atlantic agrees, suggesting that Dewitt and others opposing Haley will regret the video "if not because it's in poor taste, then at least because it's giving her political opponent something to talk about." Haley herself posted the video on her own Facebook page writing, "Wow. I wonder if the unions think this kind of thing will make people take them seriously. Check this out."

Despite all that, Dewitt remains unapologetic.

"They made it and I would have played the game with them no matter it would have been pin the tail on the donkey with Nikki Haley's face on it," she told ABC News over the phone. We were certainly hav(ing) a good time. I'm not mad or angry."

"We've been the brunt of her comments now for two years and that's what the whole thing was. She's been whacking at us over the last two years," she concludes.

National labor leaders are less sanguine. The AFL-CIO has since issued a statement on the video:

"While it was meant as fun, there is absolutely no place for that kind of joke in a conversation that is extremely serious about how to rebuild our middle class and our country. There's plenty to talk about in Gov. Haley's awful record. We do not believe that's an appropriate joke--working people deserve a better conversation."

"Meant to be fun?" Coming from the AFL-CIO, whose large leader, the Chris Farley look alike Richard Trumpka, brags that he's at the White House every couple of days. Trumpka also sat with Moochelle Obama at one of The One's Congressional addresses, despite his well documented violent streak. A funny joke, hitting a minority woman governor, ha ha ha! I'll bet if it had been a Tea Party member hitting Nancy Pelosi or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz' image on a pinata, the libs wouldn't stop feining outrage about how violent, sexist and racist those "teabaggers" are.

So, weren't liberals just saying conservatives had a "war on women" and were "uncivil?" Well, once again, look at where the incivility is coming from...the Left and Friends of Obama.

The Racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright & Trinity UCC Should NOT Be Off The Table

While Willard Romney is channelling John McCain, in wanting to appear the nice guy in the Presidential race, the liberal media (New York Slimes and Washington ComPost), as well as the de-facto head of the Democrat Party, Bill Maher, are attacking the faith of the eventual GOP nominee.

Is it any wonder Sarah Palin was on Hannity last night and compared this wimpish response of various GOP operatives (Karl Rove) to Mr. Snuffleupagus?

Look, I'd agree that the Racist Rev. Wright should not be the main issue, but I think it is one that should be brought up, because it details the radical thinking of this President, as well as how I believe Obama is, in fact, a racist.

His former "church" Trinity United Church of Hating Whitey Christ, had this as part of their introductory message.

We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian... Our roots in the Black religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent. We are an African people, and remain "true to our native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization. God has superintended our pilgrimage through the days of slavery, the days of segregation, and the long night of racism. It is God who gives us the strength and courage to continuously address injustice as a people, and as a congregation. We constantly affirm our trust in God through cultural expression of a Black worship service and ministries which address the Black Community.

Trinity United Church of Christ adopted the Black Value System written by the Manford Byrd Recognition Committee chaired by Vallmer Jordan in 1981. We believe in the following 12 precepts and covenantal statements. These Black Ethics must be taught and exemplified in homes, churches, nurseries and schools, wherever Blacks are gathered. They must reflect on the following concepts:

Commitment to God Commitment to the Black Community, Commitment to the Black Family, Dedication to the Pursuit of Education, Dedication to the Pursuit of Excellence, Adherence to the Black Work Ethic, Commitment to Self-Discipline and Self-Respect, Disavowal of the Pursuit of "Middleclassness," Pledge to make the fruits of all developing and acquired skills available to the Black Community, Pledge to Allocate Regularly, a Portion of Personal Resources for Strengthening and Supporting Black Institutions, Pledge allegiance to all Black leadership who espouse and embrace the Black Value System, Personal commitment to embracement of the Black Value System. The Pastor as well as the membership of Trinity United Church of Christ is committed to a 10-point Vision:

A congregation committed to ADORATION. A congregation preaching SALVATION. A congregation actively seeking RECONCILIATION. A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA. A congregation committed to BIBLICAL EDUCATION. A congregation committed to CULTURAL EDUCATION. A congregation committed to the HISTORICAL EDUCATION OF AFRICAN PEOPLE IN DIASPORA. A congregation committed to LIBERATION. A congregation committed to RESTORATION. A congregation working towards ECONOMIC PARITY.

OK, look at the bold points. Non-negotiable commitment of Africa, NOT America. Black values system, unapologeitically black, redistribution of wealth (Marxism). Now, substitute the word "white" for "black" and any decent person would recoil in horror.

Then there's the infamous anti-American and racist sermons: "G-D America" and "America's chickens...." well as "God has got to be sick of this shit!"

And anti-Semitism:

So, why is a person who went to a racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic "church" be fit to be President of the United States? Why was this hidden and glossed over by the lapdog media who now want to examine Mitt Romney's faith?

Wright and TUCC should be on the table, especially of Obama's lapdogs are going to do the same with Romney's faith.

Monday, May 21, 2012

North Carolina Obamabot Teacher Suspended With Pay For Yelling At Student Who Criticized Chicago Jesus

As a follow up from yesterday's story: (WRAL TV).

A North Carolina high school teacher was suspended with pay from her job Monday following the release of a YouTube video in which she is heard yelling at a student in class and telling him it's wrong to criticize President Barack Obama.

The 10-minute video captured the sound of the dispute, but mostly showed what appeared to be the classroom ceiling at North Rowan High School. It had close to 450,000 views on YouTube as of Monday evening and was the focus of national media attention, including talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Rowan-Salisbury School System spokeswoman Rita Foil announced Tanya Dixon-Neely's suspension Monday.

Tanya Dixon-Neely

The Salisbury Post reported ( that Dixon-Neely's social studies class was discussing Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney when the conversation turned to accusations that Romney bullied someone as a teenager. An argument followed, with some students questioning whether Obama also bullied someone in high school.

When the student tells the teacher that Obama admitted to bullying a girl in school, the teacher shouted the student down.

"Stop, no, because there is no comparison," the teacher said. Romney, she said, is "running for president. Obama is the president."

When the student says they're both "just men," the teacher argues that Romney, as a candidate for president, is not to be afforded the same respect as the president. She told the class Obama is "due the respect that every other president is due."

"Listen, let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom," she says.

The student replies that he'll say what he wants.

"Not about him you won't," the teacher says.

Sister Toldjah reminds us how a North Carolina classroom was also the place where a young girl was bullied by another Obamabot teacher because her parents supported John McCain.

But don't look for the Bully-in-Chief Obama to call for stopping that kind of bullying.

Obama Regime Threatens Raids Of Summer Concerts To Seize Gibson Guitars

The Obama Regime's war against Gibson Guitars, one of the most iconic American guitar manufacturers, is being taken to a new level (Examiner, via Moonbattery).

The latest skirmish, however, takes the government's case against Gibson to a new level. The feds intend to take the battle directly to the musicians who use Gibson guitars, which are considered the best in the business, and to the fans who come to hear them play.

If the feds raid summer concerts, major disruptions will ensue which will impact the fans who paid hefty ticket fees to see their favorite musicians such as Sheryl Crow, Ted Nugent, and Paul McCartney, all of whom use Gibson guitars.

The threat was enough to send U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., quickly leaping into action to make sure the government is prevented from seizing guitars made with forbidden wood provided they were manufactured prior to 2008. A law passed 112 years ago in order to regulate bird feathers used in hats was amended in 2008 to protect wood in "protected forests."

Alexander does not wish to repeal the amendment but to insure that it is understood that guitars and other musical instruments made before the amendment passed in 2008 cannot be considered unlawful, given that they were manufactured when using such wood was fully legal.

A meeting was held today between Alexander, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., representatives from the music industry and the wood import business, and conservation and environmental groups to come up with a workable solution.

Of course, the Obama Regime is targeting Gibson because they are a non-union instrument manufacturer, and their CEO has supported Republican candidates. What is significant is that a competitor, Martin Guitars, uses the same wood as Gibson, but contributes to Democrats.

As I said previously, concerning my vintage Gibson ES-335....

Mick Jagger Uses SNL To Attack Mitt Romney For Washington ComPost's Hyped "Bullying" Story

Missed this Saturday, and found it on YouTube, as I was interested in seeing the great Jeff Beck. Didn't know he was to be joined by the overhyped Strolling Bones frontman Mick Jagger, who wrote a song called "Presidential Election Blues."

I knew something was coming, and it did.

"Don't ever let him cut your hair."

Dick Jagger also took a swipe at Romney's faith, saying "he always says his prayers." No mention of Obama's bullying of a young schoolgirl, or bullying the American people. Why? Well Big shot Mick was recently at the White House with our celebrity President.

Sorry Jagger, the last thing America needs is a political lecture from some rich limey pop star like you, especially one who made his wealth by ripping off black musicians.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Protests Against NATO Summit...Anachy In Chicago

All the Left-wing riff-raff is in Chicago this weekend due to the NATO summit, so of course, the Occupy squatters were in full force, chanting out nice little rhymes like "F**k the Police" earlier in the week.

As well as "f**k the bourgesoisie" while they marched on the way to Rahmbo "Dead Fish" Emmanuel's house.

These videos were taken by John at Marathon Pundit, who has been out getting great coverage of what the media isn't reporting.

There was also three Black Bloc anarchists who were arrested for a terrorism plot. John also got video of the Occupy Chicago spokeswoman saying they were some of her friends.

The claim being made by the suspects, and parroted by the Communist-linked National Lawyers Guild, is they make their own beer.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Oh, and Obama's pals, Bill Ayers and Berhnardine Dorhn, were there as well.

Anne Sorock has more photos posted at Legal Insurrection.

Richmond VA Hosts A "Welcome Home" Parade For The Troops

Thousands turned out in Richmond, VA yesterday for a parade welcoming home and honoring the men and women who wear our nation's uniform. My buddy Jonn Lilyea at This Ain't Hell was down there and took photos and video Read his report here.

Here's one of Jonn's photos below.

Thank you guys for defending us and our way of life!

(AUDIO) North Carolina Teacher Screams At Student, Falsely Says It's Criminal To Criticize Obama

What is a person who is this ignorant of the First Amendment doing teaching social studies to students at North Rowan High School in North Carolina? (Ben Shapiro -

A YouTube video uploaded on Monday afternoon apparently shows a schoolteacher from the Rowan-Salisbury school district in North Carolina informing a student that failing to be respectful of President Obama is a criminal offense. Breitbart News has uncovered that the student is a high school junior, and that the teacher is apparently one Tanya Dixon-Neely.

The video shows a classroom discussion about the Washington Post hit piece about Mitt Romney bullying a kid some five decades ago. One student says, “Didn’t Obama bully someone though?” The teacher says: “Not to my knowledge.” The student then cites the fact that Obama, in Dreams from My Father, admits to shoving a little girl. “Stop, no, because there is no comparison,” screams the teacher. Romney is “running for president. Obama is the president.”

The student responds that both are “just men.”

The teacher yells -- literally yells -- that Obama is “due the respect that every other president is due … Listen,” she continues, “let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.” She yells over the student repeatedly, and yells at him that it's disrespect for him to even debate about Romney and Obama.

The student says that he can say what he wants.

“Not about him, you won’t,” says the teacher.

The teacher then tells the student – wrongly – that it is a criminal offense to say bad things about a president. “Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush? Do you realize you are not supposed to slander the president?”

The student says that it would violate First Amendment rights to jail someone for such sentiments. “You would have to say some pretty f’d up crap about him to be arrested,” says the student. “They cannot take away your right to have your opinion … They can’t take that away unless you threaten the president.”

Clearly, the student should be teaching the class, and the teacher should be reading the Constitution more often.

An update to the story says the film clip was taken by a friend of the student, who wanted proof for his parents about what he had been telling them about the teacher. They've since pulled the student from the school and moved him to another nearby school.

This is the face of government run education, and the liberal teacher's unions who are front groups for Democrats.

Lockerbie Bomber Dies In Libya, Three Years After Being Released

Good riddance! (AFP)

Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi, the only person convicted over the 1988 Lockerbie bombing which killed 270 people, died on Sunday, almost three years after being freed from jail on compassionate grounds.

"He died an hour ago," his brother Abdelhakim al-Megrahi told AFP, putting the time of death at shortly after 1 pm (1100 GMT).

Megrahi, 60, suffered from prostate cancer and was hospitalised for a few days in April before being sent back home to be with his family.

On April 16, Abdelhakim had said his brother's days "were numbered."

A Scottish court in 2001 convicted the Libyan of the attack on Pan Am flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie but he was released on compassionate grounds in 2009 after doctors said he had only three months to live.

The Obama Regime had knowledge that this mass murdering terrorist was going to be released, and preferred "compassionate" release rather than him being locked in up a Libyan jail.

So, where does the line start to "water" this terrorist's remains?

Operation Chaos In Arkansas: Obama Ahead Of Challenger By Seven Points In Open Primary

And let me stress, it is an open primary in Arkansas (El Tercer Riel, via Riehl World View).

The Arkansas Democratic primary is just a few days away. That is, the open Arkansas primary, in which President Barack Obama is only up 7 against Tennesee attorney John Wolfe (H/T Did I mention that this is an open primary?

Meet the Candidate:

As White House Dossier correctly points out, the RNC should look at the potential here, particularly against the (apparently) non-insane Wolfe. The challenge comes at an awkward time for the Obama campaign, on the heels of last week’s West Virginia fiasco in which The One was unable to break 60 percent against a federal inmate. I see enormous potential for mayhem here, especially after the awesome clowning that was Juddmentum.

Now that the rest of the GOP field tapped out, there’s no risk. Think about it, Arkansas Republicans…it’s like a hashtag hijack, but funner!

If you're in Arkansas, or have friends / family there, let them know about this guy. It would be fun to see him beat The Won in an open primary.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lesbians Charged With Fake Hate Crime In Denver

Or, you could call this Part II of "Why All Hate Crime Laws Should Be Abolished" (ABC News).

A lesbian couple who claimed they were victims of a hate crime have been arrested after police determined they staged the incidents.

On Oct. 28, Aimee Whitchurch, 37, and Christel Conklin, 29, called police and reported the words “Kill the Gay” were scrawled in red spray paint on the garage door of their Parker, Colo., home.


The next day, the couple told deputies they found a noose hanging on the handle of their front door.

The women told officers they believed the incidents were retaliation from their neighbors and homeowner’s association, who had complained the couple did not pick up after their dogs.

Due to the nature of the crimes, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office worked in tandem with the FBI to investigate. After reviewing witness statements, authorities determined Whitchurch and Conklin had staged the incidents.

Both women are charged with criminal mischief and false reporting. Whitchurch faces an additional charge of forgery.

She told ABC’s Denver affiliate KMGH-TV police were mistaken and vowed to fight the charges.

“This is a fight I started. This is a fight I’m going to finish. This is a fight I’m right on,” she said. “I have every right to live where I want to live.”

Meanwhile, many assaults have been committed in the name of Trayvon Martin, and the authorities refuse to call them hate crimes.

Friday, May 18, 2012

#FAIL! Protest Against Rush Limbaugh In DC Draws Seven (7) NAGs

I wasn't able to make it into DC, but I'm busting my gut at the sight of the utter failure of a protest by the feminazis known as the National Organization for Women aka The NAGs. (Daily Caller).

NOW’s national protest day had been in the works since April 19, when the women’s advocacy group launched their “Enough Rush” campaign.

Pairing with media watchdog (sic) Media Matters for America NOW is targeting local affiliates and local advertisers, Friday’s demonstration was touted as the group’s big demonstration of opposition to Limbaugh with affiliates across the country participating in protests.

NOW has had Limbaugh in their crosshairs for nearly two decades, and they renewed their effort to get Limbaugh off the air as a response to the radio host’slate February insult of contraception activist Sandra Fluke.

Standing on a street corner in front of WMAL the seven women bearing signs such as “Enough Rush” and “Stop hate speech” received some honks and smiles.

Erin Matson, NOW action vice president explained to The Daily Caller that Limbaugh crossed the line with his comments about Fluke and that he needs to go.

“Rush captured a new generation of women’s attention when he went on a long sexist tirade against Sandra Fluke for daring to speak up for birth control access,” Matson explained, recalling Limbaugh’s characterization of Fluke as a “slut” and a prostitute.

According to Matson, the community is on NOW’s side, adding that “it is a smart business decision” for affiliates and advertisers to leave Rush.

“Women are the majority of consumers in this country and we influence or make over 80 percent of the consumer decisions,” she said, adding that Limbaugh has already lost a number of advertisers over his Fluke comments.

Still TheDC overheard pedestrian conversations scoffing at the fact NOW is still on Limbaugh’s case, over two months after his Fluke comments.

Last week Limbaugh launched a response to NOW’s campaign against him in the form of a Facebook group for his female listeners, “Rush Babes for America aka the National Organization for Rush Babes,” to show not all women adhere the NOW agenda. His Facebook group surpassed NOW’s Facebook “likes” in under 24 hours.

Matson shrugged off the women who have joined the “Rush Babe” Facebook group explaining that it is just an attempt by Rush to feed his ego.

Yeah, the "Rush Babe" facebook page drew more followers in one day than the entire page for the NAGs. I'm sure Erin Matson has nothing to say about Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a "twat" or a "cunt," because those kinds of slurs against women are OK to use by a liberal against a conservative. Silent on that, huh Erin?

If anyone is irrelevant, it's the NAGs. This isn't the 1970s anymore. Erin and all her cohorts need to go do something useful with their time.

If Obama's "Born In Kenya" Was A "Fact Check Error," Why Did Agency Ask Authors To Submit Their Bios? is following up with the questions the lapdog media will not ask.

Submission guidelines at the Dystel & Goderich website (original emphasis): "[Y]ou should describe in two or three sentences—no more—what the book will be about. This is followed by another brief paragraph on why it is being written and then another on why you are qualified to write it....Finally, there should be a more formal narrative Bio of the author."

Read the whole thing.

Now if Obama was born in Hawaii, as the Certificate of Live Birth copies say he was, then why did he feel the need to lie in this bio that he was "born in Kenya." What is in his college transcripts that he wants to keep hidden? Could it be the fact that he registered (perhaps fraudulently, if he is a natural born citizen as he says) as a foreign student?

That is the question in all this.

I find it remarkable that Obama and the people around him had no problem unsealing divorce records of opponents to get dirt on them, but have been keeping everything about his past under lock and key. Don't you find that strange?

Naturally, the media is acting like lapdogs instead of journalists.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

BOMBSHELL: 1991 Bio States Obama "Born In Kenya" On Website Until 2007-- It's Time For Him To Come Clean dropped a bombshell this afternoon, that, while it does not confirm where Obama was born, only shows not just why the question was raised, but also how the lapdog media refused to vet him.

Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama's then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as "born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii."

The booklet, which was distributed to "business colleagues" in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel.

It also promotes Obama's anticipated first book, Journeys in Black and White--which Obama abandoned, later publishing Dreams from My Father instead.

Obama’s biography in the booklet is as follows (image and text below):

Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.

The booklet, which is thirty-six pages long, is printed in blue ink (and, on the cover, silver/grey ink), using offset lithography. It purports to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Acton & Dystel, which was founded in 1976.

...The errant Obama biography in the Acton & Dystel booklet does not contradict the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. Moreover, several contemporaneous accounts of Obama’s background describe Obama as having been born in Hawaii.

The biography does, however, fit a pattern in which Obama--or the people representing and supporting him--manipulate his public persona.

David Maraniss's forthcoming biography of Obama has reportedly confirmed, for example, that a girlfriend Obama described in Dreams from My Father was, in fact, an amalgam of several separate individuals.

In addition, Obama and his handlers have a history of redefining his identity when expedient. In March 2008, for example, he famously declared: "I can no more disown [Jeremiah Wright] than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother."

Several weeks later, Obama left Wright's church--and, according to Edward Klein's new biography, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, allegedly attempted to persuade Wright not to "do any more public speaking until after the November [2008] election" (51).

Obama has been known frequently to fictionalize aspects of his own life. During his 2008 campaign, for instance, Obama claimed that his dying mother had fought with insurance companies over coverage for her cancer treatments.

That turned out to be untrue, but Obama has repeated the story--which even the Washington Post called "misleading"--in a campaign video for the 2012 election.

A separate Breitbart piece shows that, via the Internet Wayback Machine, the website of Obama's literary agent claimed he was "born in Kenya up until April 2007, around the time he announced his candidacy for President.

Let me repeat again, this document does not prove Obama was born in Kenya, but is more proof of how the mainstream lapdog media has covered for, and still covers for, this empty suit whom they sold the American people like a sleazy used car salesman sells a lemon to a not so careful buyer. I've always felt there was a Nixonian quality to Obama (hence, why I refer to him as "Richard Milhous Obama") the only difference being the media would aid Obama in the cover up.

This is why the old media is dying. Instead of serious vetting of any presidential candidate, several "journalists" (and I use that term loosely) were too busy getting "thrills up their legs" or photographing Obama with a halo background, portraying him as some modern-day Messiah. No questions about his ties with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, no questions about why he attended a racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic "church" for 20 years. But the same media had no problem turning rocks over in Texas, digging up bullying stories from 50 years ago, or investigating private citizens (aka Joe the Plumber) who dared to ask their false Messiah tough questions that exposed him for the socialist he is.

This also shows the deception which Obama has engaged in with the American people (aided and abetted by the media). Who told his agent he was "born in Kenya?" If it was a mistake, why was it uncorrected until the time he ran for President? Is this why his college records are sealed, because they might show (as some suspected) he went to college on student loans as a foreign student?

Richard Milhous Obama, it is long time for you to come clean with the American people. For a President who claimed he'd be the "most transparent evah!!!" you sure keep a lot of things sealed up.

Oh, and lapdog media (LA Slimes with the Rashid Khalidi tape, Washington ComPost, NY Slimes, ABC, See BS and especially NBC), it's time you were all held accountable for foisting this fraud on America, acting like he was some Heaven-sent Chicago Jesus. You either start acting like journalists, or keep the lapdog coverage up at your own peril!

Obama Decides He's Bigger Than God, Opposes Proposal Shielding Chaplains From Performing Gay Marriage

In his fundraising e-mail sent out last week to tell his supporters about his political calculation "evolution" on homosexual marriage, Richard Milhous Obama said the following:

I respect the beliefs of others, and the right of religious institutions to act in accordance with their own doctrines. But I believe that in the eyes of the law, all Americans should be treated equally. And where states enact same-sex marriage, no federal act should invalidate them.

Well, if the whole contraception issue was any indication, we knew that statement above was bogus.

That messiah complex from his followers and media sycophants has gone to his head. Now, a week later, Obama has decided he's bigger than God (CNSNews).

In a policy statement released Wednesday, the OMB outlined numerous objections to aspects of the fiscal year 2013 National Defense Authorization Bill (H.R. 4310). The bill was reported out of the House Armed Services Committee last week and is set to be debated in the House, beginning Wednesday. (See related story)

Overall, it recommends that President Obama veto H.R. 4310 if its cumulative effects “impede the ability of the Administration to execute the new defense strategy and to properly direct scarce resources.”

The veto warning is not specifically linked to the two provisions dealing with marriage, but they are listed among parts of the bill which the administration finds objectionable.

The memo said the two provisions “adopt unnecessary and ill-advised policies that would inhibit the ability of same-sex couples to marry or enter a recognized relationship under State law.”

Section 536 of H.R. 4310 states in part that no member of the armed forces may “direct, order, or require a chaplain to perform any duty, rite, ritual, ceremony, service, or function that is contrary to the conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs of the chaplain, or contrary to the moral principles and religious beliefs of the endorsing faith group of the chaplain.”

Further, no member of the armed forces may “discriminate or take any adverse personnel action against a chaplain, including denial of promotion, schooling, training, or assignment, on the basis of the refusal by the chaplain to comply with a direction, order, or requirement” that is prohibited by the previous clause.

And before you Kool-Aid drinking Obamabots write in saying "hey, this isn't Obama, it's the Office of Management and Budget," guess again. OMB is part of the Regime, and is the largest office within the Executive Branch (President).

It's more proof of how right the Rev. Franklin Graham is when he said Obama has "shaken his fist at the same God who created and defined marriage."