Thursday, April 05, 2012

Rejecting The Reagan Revolution, Re-Electing Obama, & Cementing America's Path To Decline

That is what the establishment Republican Party is on the cusp of doing in 2012, in what is the most important election for the future of this nation as we know it, by putting their weight behind Willard "Mittens" Romneycare.

Last week, former President (and 1992 loser) George H.W. Bush "enthusiastically" endorsed Romney, while Florida Senator, and Tea Party favorite, Marco Rubio felt the heat from the establishment and got in line. Now, word is today that Rick Santorum is meeting with unnamed conservatives to "strategize" from this day forward.

Romney won Wisconsin's primary on Tuesday, but also won in the liberal states of Maryland and the District of Columbia. This is the crux of Mittens' problem. He wins in liberal states but loses in Southern states. That doesn't bode well for the general election.

This, to me, is a frightening scenario. The Republican Party, which has risen to power on the "bold colors" that Ronald Wilson Reagan offered to America in the 1980 GOP Primary and general election, is in the process of nominating a guy who admitted in 1994 he was an "independent" during the Reagan years and did not want to go back to that era. This prospective nominee also created the bedrock to what would become Obamacare. From "bold colors" to "pale pastels" in only 32 years.

It's not surprising a northeastern elite like Bush 41 would side with Romney. They're cut from the same elite, New England blue blood country-club Republicanism that didn't offer much in the way of meaningful change to America. Now, don't get me wrong,  Bush is a decent person, but is not and never was a conservative.  That was his downfall.  To be honest, Bush 41 would have never become President on his own had he not been Reagan's VP.

But the GOP establishment has been battering resistant conservatives since Iowa, and continues to do so to this day, spreading fear that the ongoing primary battle will ensure Romney's loss to Obama.

Well, I don't subscribe to that point of view. Romney's biggest problem is himself. He will be eaten alive by the Obama attack machine because he's not willing to stand up and punch back (except when it's Newt, Rick Santorum, or Rick Perry). He won't call Obama a socialist, and only say he's "misguided." Romney will be made to look like the young George McFly in the first Back to the Future, who wears a "Kick Me" sign and simply laughs as Biff and the other bullies kick his posterior.

Romney's other problem? He could have wrapped this up sooner if he'd spent his time and funds telling people exactly why he was the best candidate to go against Obama, admitting that he was wrong about Romneycare and telling why he is now a born-again conservative, after years of being pro-choice, anti-gun, etc. Instead, Romney spent his resources and enlisted the Establishment GOP to go after his opponents in ways that violated the "11th Commandment." Witness how, in Florida, the Romneybots and establishment said their mission was to "destroy Newt." And alienate those who supported him or Rick Santorum? Smooth move, Ex-Lax!

Finally, Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection nails what Romney's biggest problem is, the snarkiness or "sore winner's" attitude of his supporters in the elite "conservative" media.

Romney has embittered a large segment of the people he will need to rally around him. Profound and historic dislike of Obama is the only thing that will prevent a third party movement or a massive stay-at-home movement.

And it hasn’t stopped. Romney supporters have shown themselves to be sore winners, and there’s nothing worse than sore winners heading into a general election.

Just in the past few days Ann Coulter needlessly attacked Sarah Palin, and Jennifer Rubin compared conservatives who still don’t support Romney to “birthers.” With vocal and visible supporters like this, Romney doesn’t need enemies.

Here's a reminder what happens when you confront that empty vessel Coulter on why she now supports a guy whom she said was a sure loser over a year ago.

At this point, I'm not excited about our prospects for the Presidency this year, and, in many ways, taking the Senate. The Republican Party, under the leadership of the inept Rinse Preebus (what a name, I know, I misspelled it) are doing what they do best: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and at a time when the future of this nation is even more at stake.

True, a lot can happen between now and November. If Romney wins the Presidency, it will, at best, be a near Bush/Gore redux scenario. He will only win because more people are afraid of a second term for Obama, instead of voting for a leader with bold proposals and a path to get America back on the right track.

And that will cause him to be a tepid leader who will only serve one term, if elected.

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