Thursday, April 05, 2012

Olbermann "Goes To The Mattresses" With The Sinking Ship Known As Current TV

One of the things that happened while I was away on business in Boston was that Keith Olbermann was fired from Algore's Current TV.

Well, Olbermann just couldn't take the sad fact that even a loon like gore sees he's a no-talent hack, and is now suing Current TV (

Olbermann, who came to Current from MSNBC less than a year ago, was fired late last week via a rather humiliating open letter from company honchos Al Gore and Joel Hyatt. Olbermann's replacement: Eliot Spitzer.

Olbermann fired back via Twitter, and one quickly saw that this was one spat that wasn't going to go away anytime soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Olbermann and his attorneys contend that Current TV committed "breach of contract, sabotage and disparagement."

But the hits don't stop there.

Business Insider reports that the language in the lawsuit is "heavy on the dramatics." One choice bit:

"After being enticed to leave MSNBC and come to Current with promises of editorial control, freedom from corporate influence, and the professional support to produce high-caliber political commentary show of the type his viewers have come to expect, Keith Olbermann was disheartened to discover Al Gore, Joel Hyatt, and the management of Current are no more than dilettantes portraying entertainment industry executives."


"Hyatt created an environment in which major business errors and technical failures became commonplace and acceptable." The suit continues that when Olbermann rebuffed Hyatt's advances at friendship, "Hyatt reacted by withholding necessary production resources, disparaging Olbermann in the press," and much, much more.

He may not get a penny from his former employer. Per Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin's blog, Current TV is fixing to be dropped by Time Warner Cable for low ratings.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

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