Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Obama Not Happy With Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, "Don't Forget, You Work For Me"

"Thunderlips" has been making too many waves, and it's creating problems for The Won (Javier at The Shark Tank).
Rumors have been swirling around that (Debbie) Wasserman Schultz was not in President Obama’s top tier of candidates to sit at the helm of the Democratic National Committee. A source within the Democratic Party who is a close associate of Wasserman Schultz has told the Shark Tank the details about the process that took place when the vetting of prospective candidates for the DNC chair. The source told the Shark Tank that, “she (Wasserman Schultz) was not the first choice,” and that Wasserman Schultz feverishly lobbied her case of being a sitting ‘Jewish’congresswoman in a very safe Democratic district. According to the source, Obama was pressured into picking Wasserman Schultz because she impressed upon him that he needed her as a loyal foot soldier to run cover him and shore up his dwindling support with the Jewish voters as well as with women. But while Obama has been able to rely on Wasserman Schultz to carry his water, the President has grown increasingly annoyed with the polarizing manner in which she attacks her political opposition-a style that has galvanized her Republican opponents and chased many of those coveted ‘Independents’ away. Just recently, Wasserman Schultz defended her former aide and current DNC Jewish Outreach liason for her juvenile misstep of posting pictures of herself on Facebook that referred to her and her fellow Jewish girlfriends as “Jewbags.” President Obama was reported to be so upset with the aide’s publicized antics that he did not allow Wasserman Schultz to introduce him at any of the events during his most recent trip to Florida.
So, the source has said that things between "Thunderlips" and Obama have soured to the point that he doesn't want her at the DNC anymore. Of course, getting rid of her would be hard to do in the middle of an election year.
Apparently, President Obama had discussions with the DNC Chairwoman regarding her approach, even telling her, “Don’t forget you work for me.” It’s not about you, its about me. – attributed to President Barack Obama to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as per our source
It's always about Obama. The guy is such a raging narcissist he makes Bill Clinton look like the most charitable man on earth.

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MissMidwest said...

Lol, I live in Fairfax County too, and sort of feel like I'm in exile here too. Maybe that's because I'm from the Midwest and was surrounded by my conservative family and friends. Since moving to northern VA and working at State Department, I feel like an oddball out. The local news drives me nuts and the stupid conversations that State Department employees have are unbearable, and tier Obama tributes in their cubicles are an eyesore. I no longer has my Republican Party sticker on my car because some liberal in Arlington placed a sticker over it, even though that is destruction of personal property. Those ugly Prius cars are everywhere and usually contain drivers that don't know the rules of the road and cut their way into traffic. I've never seen so many ugly spaceship hybrid cars as this area. As a conservative, I can't imagine destroying someone's property, but the liberals here have no qualms with that. The most excruciating thing as part of my job is working with all those "Green" freaks as they tend to be the most difficult to deal with - very entitled, rude, demanding, and completely out if touch with reality.