Friday, April 27, 2012

Labor Department Backs Off (For Now, At Least) Rules Limiting Farm Work By Kids

Minnesota and the rest of America made an uproar, and the Labor Department backs off! (MPR News).

The U.S. Department of Labor is withdrawing a rule that would have limited the sorts of work that children can do on farms.

The proposed rule led to criticism from Minnesota farmers who said it would have disrupted life on family farms.

Minnesota Farmers Union President Doug Peterson said the formal withdrawal of the rule was a "win for family farmers."

"The issue was that the Department of Labor didn't fully understand how farms actually worked and what roles kids actually had in farming labor," Peterson said. "It's a success, frankly, to find out that now they've realized they didn't have it right and pulled back."

Peterson said the Department of Labor should have asked farmers before proposing the rule.

Of course people like that union shill Hilda Solis and a lot of those other buerocrats don't know how family farms work. They've never had experience with them or any other family business. I'm sure they're so elitist as well they look down their nose at farmers.

I was telling my sister and mother last night on Facebook that my maternal grandparents would have probably gotten into trouble under these Obama Regime regulations for just having the two of us as kids out in their floral nursery they ran in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Sometimes, I'd just grab a water hose and water plants or deliver plants to customers cars. This wasn't because my grandparents made me, I wanted to do this. Looking back both my sister and I got an education being around this. Doing small jobs in the nursery taught me about work ethic, and watching them count the money at the end of the day gave me a look into how a business is run.

I say the Labor Dept is backing off for now too, because we don't know if and when they'll sneak it into some other legislation when no one is looking. Keep your eyes peeled!

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