Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Still Think Putting A Dog On The Roof Of The Car Is Wrong....

...but nothing is as bad as thinking that dogs can be eaten, which Richard Milhous Obama admits he did as a boy, living in Indonesia. (audio found at The Hayride).

And to show how partisan the Dogs Against Romney people are, they defend Obama for taking a bite out of "man's best friend."

The founder of the grassroots organization Dogs Against Romney called the Romney campaign “desperate” for dredging up the revelations that President Obama ate dog meat as a child in Indonesia.

“It seems desperate for the Romney campaign to bring up something that happened to Obama when he was 10 years old, not preparing his own meals, in a country where eating dog meat probably isn’t all that unusual as if it compares in any way to Romney, as a 36-year old adult, in America, making the conscious decision to strap his family pet to the roof of a car for a 12-hour drive, and leaving it up there even after it got sick.”

Well excuse me! I had a dog as a young boy. I can tell you there's no way I would have thought of eating one. The idea of it would never have crossed my mind. So why didn't young Barry think so? After all, he lived in America before moving to Indonesia.

Which brings to mind. I have a source who told me last night that Obama's birth certificate has been destroyed and can never be found. You see, the dog ate it and then young Barry ate the dog!

And this was inevitable...another "Downfall" parody, where Hitler recieves the news Obama ate his dog.

Comment left at The Hayride: "Under Clinton it was "wag the dog". Under Obama it's "wok the dog"."

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