Thursday, April 12, 2012

Democrat Hack Lies & Attacks Ann Romney...Yes, There Is A War On Women...By Liberals

Democrat party hack and CNN commentator Hilary Rosen illustrated last night that the "War on Women" that has been alleged by liberals really is against conservative or Republican women by attacking Mittens Romney's wife Ann of "never having worked a day in her life."

Whatever you think of her husband, Ann Romney is not running for President. She's raised five children (that's a job) and has also battled cancer and MS, from what I understand.

Mrs. Romney also took to Twitter to combat Rosen's mean-spirited comment.

Equally as insulting was Rosen's assertion that liberals/Democrats had never used the term "war on women." That's a lie, as Erick Erickson points out at RedState.

The problem here is larger than Hilary Rosen. It is the mentality of modern radical feminism, a.k.a. the feminazi movement. It seems to me, that if you want women to be "empowered" and "independent," it means that they should be able to choose what is best for them. If they would like to work and add to the family income (more often a necessity these days), that should be a choice. Likewise, if they wish to stay at home and raise the kids, shouldn't that be a choice they can make as well? Some families sacrifice to make that happen. Ann Romney was able to because they also had the resources to do that.

But the feminazis, instead of allowing women to follow their hearts and make what choices they want, aren't about that. The only choice they want women to have is abortion, and they use that as a way of employing a kind of "group think" among women that Republicans and oppressive "patriarchs" want to take their "choice" away from them, as a scare tactic of keeping them on the liberal victim plantation.

So that's why when a successful conservative, like a Sarah Palin comes along, the feminazis are threatened, because there is an example that someone can have a successful family and professional life. Ann Romney, while she raised the family children, is an example because she also had her hurdles to overcome, and that makes her an example as well. She didn't need the help and endorsement of the shrill feminazis, most of whom don't have families or husbands.

Michelle Malkin has more, including how liberals jealous of Palin essentially implied she should stay home barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

How this for a war on women? The Obama Regime pays women less than it does men.

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Trish said...

Democrats believe that a woman is entitled to a "choice" when it comes to abortion, but they have NO choice when it comes to raising their children???? They scream that by not giving women FREE contraceptives, we are waging a war, but if a woman has made the choice NOT to use such contraceptives, she is a moron and a vile conservative and is setting the clock back on progress? Such hypocrisy and vile words from the left. I only hope that the whole world IS watching!