Friday, April 06, 2012

Black Teens Beat 78 Year Old White Man: “This Is For Trayvon … Kill That White [Man].”

This happened in Toledo, OH, an elderly white man was assaulted because of his skin color (The Blaze).

78-year old Dallas Watts says he was walking home around 4:45 p.m. on Saturday in Toledo, Ohio when a group of six youths, both white and black, nearly beat him to death for the color of his skin.

Watts said he heard one of the group say, “take him down!,” and then, “the next thing I knew, I was sucker punched from the back,” he said. At one point, he was allegedly lifted up by one then “drop kicked” by another, before someone put his foot on Watts’ neck and said “kill him.”

Watts says he appealed to Trayvon Martin’s memory, saying: “Why me? Remember Trayvon! Remember Trayvon!” The group’s response was reportedly along the lines of: “This is for Trayvon … Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man].”

Fox Toledo continues:

For the next four minutes, the group of juveniles punched and kicked Watts, until he nearly passed out. Two customers at the nearby gas station stepped in to help.

“All I could hear before I passed out, [one of the group said] ‘Don’t kill him, or we all go to jail,’” Watts recalled. “If [the customers] had not gotten involved, he would have killed me.”

“I meant [the reference to Trayvon Martin] in a peaceful way,” he continued. “What happened to Trayvon, I was not responsible for, I live 1,000 miles away! But they kept saying, ‘Kill him! Kill Him! Kill him!‘ because I’m a white man.”

Apparently, three of the attackers have been arrested, two were charged with robbery, and the third with disorderly conduct. Watts attorney wants hate crime charges brought against them, but we know that hate crimes don't apply if the victim is a straight white male.

These thugs were responsible for assaulting this man, but I hold Jesse Jackass, the phony Rev. Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, the CBC, Eric Holder's people (aka the New Black Panther Party), and Richard Milhous Obama responsible for stirring up the racial divisions in this country to where this kind of thing happens and they look the other way.


Quite Rightly said...

Six teenage thugs brutally beat a 78-year-old man while egging each other on with statements of "Kill him" and, when caught, two of them get charged with robbery? The remaining captured thug charged with disorderly conduct?

This beating certainly is not going to improve this elderly gent's health and quality of life. For all we know, he may eventually die of health issues related to this beating.

But why worry? According to Obamacare's underlying rationale, this old man has already outlived his usefulness to "society," as Obama and his healthcare advisors define it, and thus has outlived his right to access medical treatment beyond "comfort care" (a pill).

Of course, the situation would be different if this old man "look liked" Obama. Obviously, that's something that Obama doesn't want any of us to forget.

Anonymous said...

This is clearly a case of attempted manslaughter. Fry all of them!