Friday, March 09, 2012

While Left Targets Rush Limbaugh, A Leftist Mocks Andrew Breitbart's Widow On Twitter

While a war against Rush Limbaugh is being waged by Leftist groups, in coordination with The White House, a vile leftist who months ago started a Twitter account as Susie Breitbart (the widow of Andrew Breitbart), has spent the last week attacking him in the most vile manner, using racism and anti-gay language (h/t Gateway Pundit).

The Leftist posing as Mrs. Breitbart even responded to Michelle Malkin by saying "why u so cross eyed?"

This is who the far-Left are, and an illustration on how they are the real "haters." You can look for yourself in the cesspool, if you're brave. I have screenshots.

Cynthia Yockey at A Conservative Lesbian has come up with a way to combat liberals on Twitter.

Meanwhile, that silence you hear is the Left, who are more outraged at Rush Limbaugh than one of their comrades exploiting the grief of a widow and mother.

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