Monday, March 19, 2012

Obama Shamelessly Uses Iraq War Vet As Campaign Prop(aganda)

If you're on the Obama for America/Astroturfing for Obama mailing list, you got an e-mail entitled "Your Chance To Say Welcome Home"

In December, President Barack Obama stood at Fort Bragg in front of troops returning from Iraq, and said: "Welcome home."

Hear Sharon Potter, a Purple Heart recipient, describe what it meant to her -- and then tell America's veterans that you welcome them home, too.

After seven years of service in the U.S. Navy, I can tell you how much it will mean to veterans to see your message.

Across the nation, and on America's military bases around the world, the end of the Iraq War was a momentous occasion. As an Iraq War vet, I'm especially proud to say that President Obama kept his promise.

For America's returning troops, home will never be exactly as we left it, and the President and First Lady firmly believe that one of the most important parts of ending the war responsibly is standing by the side of those who fought it.

President Obama has made it a priority to ensure that servicemembers will find jobs when they come home, and has improved the Post-9/11 GI Bill to help them -- and their families -- go to college. He's also made one of the largest increases in funding for veterans' health care in decades -- including expanding funding for the VA, and streamlining the claims process to give America's returning troops the high-quality care they have earned many times over.

Obama thinks so highly of our military he's proposed deep cuts in our defense budget. As Jonn Lilyea explains at This Ain't Hell.

But, apparently this a call out to veterans to join the Obama campaign, because, you know he’s done so much for us. Like increased our healthcare premiums 500%, stopped our Cost of Living Allowances for the last three years. Screwed up the VA education benefits so bad that no one knows when or if they’ll ever get their VA checks. In fact, Ed benefits are so bad now, that chief proponent of the New GI Bill Jim Webb is proposing caps to the benefits that got Democrats elected in 2008.

But for Obama, it's only about the photo op when it comes to the military:

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