Monday, March 12, 2012

Obama Campaign Promotes Tom Hanks' Election Year Propaganda

Jeremy Bird of the Obama Campaign just popped this into my e-mail box.

Friend --

This Thursday, you're invited to the premiere of Academy Award-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim's documentary about President Obama's first three years in office and the tough calls he made to get our country back on track.

Be the first to see it -- and make sure others do, too.

If you know anyone who needs to know about the progress we've made under President Obama, this is the film that they need to see.

Check out the trailer (if you recognize the narrator's voice -- that's Tom Hanks), and sign up to watch the premiere on Thursday, March 15th:

After you sign up, look for an email on Thursday with the link to the livestream of the film.

When President Obama took office, our economy was in crisis, with 750,000 people losing their jobs every month, the auto industry near failure, and the markets close to collapse.

The Road We've Traveled follows the tough decisions the President made to bring our nation back from the brink and fight for the security of the middle class, from reining in Wall Street to ending the war in Iraq, reforming health care, and getting millions of Americans back to work.

The story's told by the people who watched it unfold -- like the First Lady, Vice President Biden, President Bill Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren.

Between now and November, this film will be one of the many tools we have to bring others into this campaign and get folks out to vote for the President.

Because you're a part of this campaign already, you should see it first, then share it with everyone you know who's been asking questions about the President's record or needs to get more engaged around this election.

You could even invite them over to watch it with you on Thursday.

Actually, Tom Hanks has a duel agenda. He's using and abusing his Hollywood power to fictionalize Obama's first three years, while destroying Sarah Palin via the film "Game Change." For more on that, read this piece by Brandon Darby at

I guess if you're a Hollywood "One Percenter" and you lived behind a security gate and concrete walls that separate you from the every-day trials some of us have to go through, you'd think Obama was pretty good too. Seriously, does Tom Hanks buy his own gas? Never mind. Five bucks a gallon isn't much for a multi-millionaire who does nothing but read scripts pretending to be someone they're not. Environmentalism is a great cause, especially if you're in the "leisure class" who can afford it! Health-care reform is great when your wealth and international fame can get you top notch care. Meanwhile, the rest of us are paying more in premiums, thanks to Obamacare, Tom. Some of us are more concerned about the decreasing quality of care our parents get with Medicare. We're not concerned about some whore (yes, I used that term) who wants us taxpayers to pay for her birth control so she can have all the sex she wants.

In short Tom, some of us live in the real world, not one produced on some Hollywood lot.

You said it best in Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does!" You're living it now, Tom!

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