Thursday, March 01, 2012

NO ROMNEY ON MARCH 6! "Operation Chaos - Virginia" Is Still On

So, what is "Operation Chaos - Virginia"?

If you remember, the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) decided on Christmas Eve to disqualify Texas Governor Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich from the March 6 Presidential Primary ballot. The excuse? Names were disqualified for not having an address, but in years prior, addresses were not required for a Presidential ballot.

When Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli tried to intervene, he was rebuked by Romney's Virginia chairperson, the Commonwealth's Lt. Governor, Bill Bolling.

Since our choices are only between Ron Paul and Romney, I suggested a month ago we go to the polls and select Ron Paul.

Let me make clear this is not a vote for Rep. Paul (whose foreign policy positions I find detestable). It is a protest vote against Willard "Mittens" Romneycare. Since the voters of the Commonwealth cannot vote for Newt Gingrich or even Rick Santorum, we're going to keep Virginia's delegates from Romney.

Part Two comes next year. Let's get Ken Cuccinelli, a real conservative, to run against the RINO Bolling for Governor.

The message here is for the RPV and the establishment Republican Party in general. Mitt Romney is unacceptable to run against Richard Milhous Obama. He is too liberal, not electable, and does not have the bold ideas to turn America around after Obama's failed Regime. The Republican Party should not be running such a weak candidate in such an important election for the sake of "it's his turn" and to satisfy a bunch of northeastern elite liberal GOP bundlers.

The RPV tried to force Mitt Romney down our throats, so let's shove Mittens up the establishment's ass on March 6th!

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Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of talk about an alliance between Paul and Romney. I say that we put this to the test. I think that a debate between Romney and Paul should take place, and I believe that the great state of Virginia would be a great place for this debate. Since only Paul and Romney are the only candidates on the ballet, I think that an hr long debate with more than 1 minute for each answer is NOT an unreasonable request. (Lets say 2 minutes) The American people should be able to hear the answers and not just here catch phases jammed in 60 seconds or less. (They are running to be PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES) So what do you say Romney, are you in ??? or I'll bet is your shedule wont allow it. shall we say $1,000.00 And Ron Paul if you decline this request then I want my money back for contributions and the sweaters I bought.