Saturday, March 17, 2012

#NEWTONE - (C)Rapper Cee Lo Green Sings "F**k You" At Obama Fundraiser

So, last week, Richard Milhous Obama again lectured the nationa about "civility" and how he "leads by example" in regards to the phony "slut" controversy.

Will the apologist in chief apologize for not setting the example in following the "new tone" at a fundrasier last night? (ABC News, via Mark Levin).

Singer Cee Lo Green just finished performing his hit song at President Obama’s campaign fundraiser at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Ga., and he started with the uncensored version.

The Grammy-winner and Atlanta native flicked off the audience before asking, “Can I curse in here?” But he didn’t wait for the answer, belting out “f*** you!” Cee Lo ultimately switched to the censored “Forget You” lyrics.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused to comment on the song earlier today when pressed by reporters aboard Air Force One. Carney did admit that the president is “a fan” of Cee Lo’s music and might have his songs on his iPod.

At an earlier fundraiser today, the president was interrupted by a “Ludacris” song when someone’s phone started ringing.

“Woah. Got some ‘Luda’ on there?” the president asked of the person’s ring tone, eliciting some hearty laughter from the crowd. “I hope it’s the clean version.”

Over at The Right Sphere is a sample of Cee Lo's lyrics.

I’ll put the barrel to your baby momma belly and squeeze off two
So the world won’t have to deal with another f**k nigga like you.

And this:

Decide to ride down your street and just hurt somebody bad
You know, as in house, hurt somebody’s child or somebody’s spouse.

And who could forget this smash hit:

I’m like,
“F**K YOU!
And f**k her too.

I pity the fool
That falls in love with you
Oh sh*t she’s a gold digger.

So, here we have a Democrats and liberals howling about how Republicans are fighting a #waronwomen, but misogyny is apparently a great fundraising tool for liberals and Obama.

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