Sunday, March 04, 2012

Newt Slams Obama Lapdog David Gregory For "Making Rush Limbaugh The National Crisis of the Week"

It's things like this video below that make me dismiss all the "baggage" associated with Newt Gingrich and hope he becomes the GOP nominee.

Newt was on NBC's Meet the Depressed this a.m. and took the following question from Obama brown noser David Gregory (Daily Caller, via Legal Insurrection).

Newt showed some clarity that Rick Santorum sure refused to show.


Anonymous said...

I am conservative, not a huge Newt fan, but I have to say that he handles himself well. Not the first time he has taken the press to task for asking irrelevant questions, won't be the last. Go Newt! Love your site by the way

Quite Rightly said...

I had the same impression.

There's plenty that Newt has gotten wrong, (scarily wrong in my opinion, such as falling for the global warming scam) but he nailed this one.